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Today, World Cup Football is starting.

Not that I'm interested and excited to watch the matches as I've never been into TV sports.

I would rather mark this World Cup opening day of 12th June, 2014 with some lovely poetry I've written for my beloved Kochi


I've chosen this day to also share with you the RSS for my G+ Posts.

Please Subscribe :-)

Till date, I've had over 48,000 views - thanks to my friends, followers and readers.

So I thought of providing this feed facility which would give regular updates.

Went googling to find a feed-reader and came across this from Frosas.

Hope it works :-)

Also, here's a new Playlist I've been making on Hindi songs - hope you enjoy it :-)

I'll keep adding more and more songs in the coming days.

That's all I had to share for now.

Happy Seeing,
L and R, AC :)

YouTube Playlists - Happy Playing :-)

Love is what makes the cold universe warm. - William Shatner (Star Trek's Captain James T Kirk)

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