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2014 Survey - India''s Best Companies to Work For
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My Favourite Company GOOGLE has made it to the top of this List. I'm so happy :-)

May they rise and shine forever more :-)

My Best Wishes are always with them as they give us such nice free services like G-mail, Google Drive, Google Plus, Google Search, Google News, Google Groups, Blogger, etc.

Talking of freebies, along with my AC Daily newspaper, I've launched another free newspaper for those of you who share the love of reading like I do :-)

In the coming months, I'll be adding many more content sources....however for now, with whatever it has, it does look good :-) and I'll strive to make it better than the best :-)

Today’s News – Please Peruse :-)


This paper is updated twice daily with news, views and reviews for you to choose and use :-)

Do see and share if you like it :-)



Google Posting - Happy Perusing :)


YouTube Playlists - Happy Playing :-)


Pleasures come in small packages :-) Aparna Chatterjee

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