Try To Live In Present

When I think about life, often it appears to me like a book. This may sound bit strange and philosophical at first instance but it appears so identical and true. Like a book has a number of pages further compiled or composed in chapters. Each chapter is complete in itself as it accounts for a particular phase, stage or event of the long story or narration. Same way the life has various phases or stages like childhood, adolescence, youth, middle age, old age and so on with in between numerous events. Birth and death could be compared to the prologue and epilogue of a book.

However, there is one crucial difference. Unlike the book, the life goes only one way. Once an age, stage or event is over, you cannot revisit it except in memories and thoughts. A lot has been written on travelling back in time but it is only fiction and far from reality. Hence a person needs to be vigilant and careful in making his or her choices and relationships all the time, for a lost opportunity may not repeat it ever again.

During our life, we cannot amend or relive our past. People try to simulate but the original touch or feel is always missing. For the past misgivings, you can penance or repent but you cannot undo it. Similarly, you cannot be sure as to what is in store for you in future. People try to visualize things and resolve to prepare self for the unforeseen but what ultimately comes is often as a surprise and beyond control. In essence, what we have in our reach or hands is the present. A wise person would be one who relies on the present and tries to live and improve it to the extent possible.

Despite knowing these realities, many people remain stuck with their past. In effect, they keep on reminiscing all good and bad events in memories which, at times, disproportionately so engage them and their time with the past that they start missing their present. Same way, too much preponderance with future is again a burden and injustice with the present.

Life is one and the costliest thing a living person would ever be blessed with. So one should try to get rid of the baggage of the past and future in an endeavor to live the beautiful present.

More By  :  Dr. Jaipal Singh

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