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When I look at him, I am disappointed the way he has created a mess around himself. Of course sometimes, I feel sympathy and pity too because basically he is well intentioned person who appreciates well and cooperates to resolve issues and problems of clients which he is dealing with. Needless to mention, there are complaints and a lot of dissatisfaction among the clients about the way he works.

To my mind this state of affair can be easily tackled but for his lack of wisdom and foresight. At any given point of time, he will have several cases pending for attention for pretty old time. But he will attend ones which are easier to solve in his opinion or the ones for which he has received reminders or references to expedite. Consequently, there is a possibility that a case received only last week will be cleared on priority while the ones received one or a few weeks or months back will remain pending leading to an expeditor or complaint on a later date.

Unfortunately, he is not the only one of this kind. There are many people who do not schedule or organize their work properly and consequently create a mess around. One must keep in mind when you are tasked with important assignment at the work place dealing with administration, training, housekeeping, payment and accounting, health services, education, trade and industrial promotion, housing, vehicle licensing, public transport, welfare services, editing and publishing, and likewise many other areas of public interest, it becomes important for you to follow some commitment and discipline to systematize your work. You should not only be fair, rational and transparent but also appear to be so with all clients who are serviced by you.

You don’t need any specialized training, guidance or wisdom to handle this situation. You can do by taking a simple resolve that you will dispose of cases strictly in order of the vintage of their receipt. In other words, you will dispose of your day to day work in the order of pendency of cases. Some people call it FIFO i.e. first in first out. This principle works well not only for the sake of equity, fairness and transparency but also for the efficiency, effectiveness and general satisfaction.

If you could follow this simple method of doing things, you can minimize the scope for dissent, dissatisfaction and resentment within the organization besides enhancing your own image and acceptability among your superiors, colleagues and subordinates, and more importantly among your clients as well. In such event, nobody will raise eyebrows on your occasional use of discretion giving priority to a case as exception.

More By  :  Dr. Jaipal Singh

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