Autumn is here

The trees are shedding their leaves and the streets are littered with the remnants of their withering lives.

Winter is fast approaching and the cold winter I'm dreading as I've always liked the summers here.

Not that all the days are nice and warm in summer but we make the most of those days when it's wonderful weather here - lovely long hours of warm sunshine - nice, bright and sunny :-)

Far better than the icy, cold winters of lashing rain, strong winds and snowy blizzards.

Though last year, it was a bit better as it didn't snow here in Essex. Don't know about this year.

Heavy snow makes the roads dangerous to drive. Very slippery road conditions. Even walking is a pain.

One never knows when one could lose balance and slip on melting snow and then of course, with broken limbs, you have nowhere to go ;-) but sit tight in bed to recuperate - life becomes so slow.

Hence, praying that you and me and all out there have a safer Winter - esp. those who live in places where it snows heavily.

Well, is this all the reason why I've come to you today?!

No, not to talk all about the dreary winter that is going to come anyway whether we like it or loathe it.

There is a lot more I need to share with you.

Here is a slideshow of Spring - Summer Blossoms 2014 that I clicked in our home garden and also in our nearby Chalkwell Park.

Hope you enjoy the show.

Happy viewing and Happy sharing :-)

Love always,
As ever, AC

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