Indian Driving Habits - I

1. The Wrong Right Turn

If you are observant in our city roads you will notice that very few motorists turn at right angles while turning to right.

The sketch above tells what I am trying to convey. Most of motorists, two-wheeler people in particular, prefer to take the red line path rather than the green line path which is the right one. As a result other motorists, typically those indicated in the sketch, are put to difficulty. The red car driver is putting himself in some difficulty as he is aking a blind turn.

The distance between points A and B can be anything between 5 and 20 meters depending on traffic density.

Traffic police in our cities are doing very little to educate the motorists in this regard.

One of the basics of "defensive driving" is that one should anticipate the likely traffic violations of other motorists and take preventive steps. This is one such violation. See my article on "defensive driving" at

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Comment Not only Indian, but here in the UK too, and I expect wherever cars are driven. It usually occurs as a presumption from driver visibility, where the illustrated 'short-cut' manouver is less taxing on the arms rotating the steering wheel in a gradual turn rather than in strict military precision executing the right-angle turn requiring three times the effort.

31-Mar-2015 20:54 PM

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