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Indian Driving Habits - II
2. Lane Sense
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Roads with lanes are somewhat rare in Indian cities. Even rarer is the lane sense among the motorists.

Lanes bring discipline into driving. This is possible only if norms are adhered to by the motorists.  Partly due to lack of lane sense and partly due to the fact our city roads are inadequate to meet the traffic pressure, we see that the vehicular traffic is haphazard even in roads with lanes.

One particular driving habit common to many of the motorists is depicted in the sketch above. This concerns driving along curved stretches of roads with lanes. In such parts change of lanes is prohibited. But the normally observed practice is that people veer towards inner lanes. The preferred path (of the yellow car) is along the red arrows rather than the green arrows which is the right path. The reason for this preference is the shorter distance of the red path as compared to the green one.

Of course this will trouble other inner lane cars (blue and the red ones)

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