I've done it for my Blog

You can do it for yours :-)

To keep your visitors flocking in to see something new on your website / blog / e-zine, you can use this Feed for interesting news and views.

It will look somewhat like this what you see on the bottom right of this page.

I've titled it as Google Plus - RSS

You can give it another Title if you wish

I've customised the Feed content as

Show 5 items

Show Item Dates

Show Item Sources / Authors

Open Links in New Window

You can also customise as you wish and this Feed will lead to some Boloji links that I share plus interesting links from around the world.

It will add to the database of good reads on your website and will give the 'new' look and feel as almost every week I sign in to share something new :-)

Also, as I had mentioned in one of my earlier blogs, when you click this Link of my G+ RSS

It will show you all the News Feeds of my G+ Posts

But if you happen to see some grubby HTML ;-) Don't worry.

Just Refresh the Page (press F5) and all the news will be there in the right order.

You can sample what I share with the public (as of today, it's got more than 107,000 views :-)

If you like what I share, then you can use its RSS

But if you dislike it ;-) then you can create the RSS of your own G+ public posts by going to this website and seeing how to create that Feed.

Happy learning and Happy sharing :-)


P.S. Like Boloji, Frosas also gets invisible sometimes due to server error, but do check later, it will surely be back again :-)

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