AC's Favourites

Here is a list of my favourite songs.

Hope you also enjoy :-)

I'll be adding some more songs as and when I go down memory lane and find them :-)

Also, I've now started uploading some snaps from our recent Canada - USA holiday.

I've placed them in various albums.

Toronto, Canada

Niagara, Canada

The Grand Hotel & Suites (where we stayed)

Buffalo City, New York State

Niagara, USA

It will take many weeks and months to finish this photography project as there are lots of snaps and I need to devote some quality time to pick the best out of the rest.

However, I've made a beginning....

Hopefully, as and when you get time to see these snaps in the coming days, you'll gradually see an increase in the numbers :-)

And now, let me take leave of you with this Picture Quote.

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