If you want to avoid typos in those poems and prose of yours, you know what to do, don't you?!

Well, this blog of mine is for those of you who are not very sure of how to remove typos from your articles.

It's rather simple!

Place your write-up in a word-doc and run the spell-check to see if there are any spelling mistakes.

You can also take the help of web-mail facilities like Gmail or Ymail which have inbuilt spell-checkers.

If you are still unsure of some words and their meanings, you can use the online dictionary and thesaurus and also an interesting site known as Word Hippo.

The quickest way to find is to go to Google search and write the word define, and then the word you want to look for.

For e.g. define serendipity

The google search box will give suggestions of spellings, meanings and also some websites which would guide you further to the usage of the word serendipity.

As for the choice between British and American spellings, on our Boloji portal, both are allowed.

So don't worry if you spell it as splendour or splendor, humour or humor, both will be accepted in your articles.

But of course, if you write the words as splendr or humr (?!), then you need to consult an online spell-checker :-)

I believe there is one such spell-check tool in the online submission form of Boloji. You can use that too. It's a tick mark with ABC written on top of it.

You can also go to polishmywriting dot com - it's a bit dodgy, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't because of server errors, but when it works, it works wonders :-)

Over the years of editing over 19,000 poems, I've come across so many poems with typos that I thought of addressing this issue thru my blog.

Hope these tips help you to keep your articles free of spelling mistakes.

Now let me share with you an interesting fact my daughter shared with me. This month, all the Sundays are multiples of 7 :-)

7th Feb, 14th Feb, 21st Feb and 28th Feb

And let me bid you bye now with some

Quotes in Pics


And some nice sayings:

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. - Buddha

It’s not about ‘having’ time. It’s about making time. If it matters, you will make time. - Anon

Find out how much God has given you and from it take what you need; the remainder is needed by others. - Saint Augustine

If you light a lamp for someone else it will also brighten your path. - Buddha

Be an encourager. The world has plenty of critics already. - Dave Willis

Leaving you with my best wishes for Vasant Panchami (Feb 12th) and Valentine's Day (Feb 14th)

Have a lovely time with your loved ones :-)


Google Posting - Happy Perusing :-)


YouTube Playlists - Happy Playing :-)


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