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Here are 2 interesting articles on her

Lady Nutan

Nutan - The Wife

What amazed me about her was that she was a hunter. She shot and skinned panthers (leopards).

She has such dainty, feminine and ethereal looks. It was hard for me to imagine her going on hunting trips to kill animals.

As they say, appearances are deceptive ;-)

In 1959, she married a naval officer. He was very supportive of her career and post-marriage, she did many good movies.

Besides Padma Shri, she has won many Filmfare awards for being a brilliant actress.

In 1991, she died of cancer at age 54. Her son Mohnish Bahl is a character actor.

Nutan's mother was the actress Shobhna Samarth with whom she broke all ties for more than 2 decades (because of a family feud) but reconciled when she got diagnosed with cancer. She had also missed her father as her parents had separated when she was a child. Her sister Tanuja was also a talented actress of her times and of course, Tanuja's daughter Kajol has given us some stellar performances in so many movies. So it seems, it's all in the genes :-)

Here's a 'nutan' (new) playlist dedicated to this versatile actress - Nutan

Hope you enjoy :-) I'll add more songs, as and when I find them.

BTW in Bengali, we call the word Nutan as Notun :-)

So have you seen this Notun playlist on the lyricist Sameer?! :-)

I did hyperlink it in my last blog.

If you missed it, here it is

Sameer has written more than 3500 songs.

I'll be adding some more songs to this playlist, as and when I find the best out of the rest :-)

Here also, it is the case of 'being in the genes'. Sameer is the son of noted Hindi writer Anjaan (Lalji Pandey) who's given us some superb songs like Dil Toh Hai Dil - Dil Ka Aetbaar Kya Keeje, O Saathi Re - Tere Bina Bhi Kya Jeena, Chhookar Mere Mann Ko - Kiya Tuney Kya Ishara, Na Jaane Kaise Pal Mein Badal Jaate Hain - Yeh Duniya Ke Badalte Rishtey, Kab Ke Bichhde Huwe Hum Aaj Kahan Aake Miley....

Sameer (Shitala Pandey) did his M.Com from BHU and worked as a Bank officer. But soon he realised that banking was not for him and his heart was in the world of words and feelings....and so he left his job and pursued his career as a lyric writer and now he's a Guinness world record holder for penning the highest number of film songs. He's been writing since 1983. My favourite lyricist has always been Anand Bakshi but I must say, that of late, I've taken a liking to Sameer's writing as I'm gradually discovering how well he writes :-) May he rise and shine forever more....

That's a lot of Bollywood for now.

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