The Weekly Health Quiz

I love this Quiz :-)

Sometimes I score high, sometimes I score low but I always give it a go.

All the answers link to various NYT articles as the Quiz is based on their publications.

So if you are a regular reader of NYT, you'll be scoring high in this Quiz provided you've retained what you've read.

I always look forward to this weekly quiz as it tests my knowledge and also brushes up my knowledge wherever I'm lacking.

I've learned many new facts through this quiz as it updates us with the latest research in health and medicine.

So you can also give it a go, and if you like it, every week, you can try it as every new set of questions will lead you to some amazing answers.

Often I'll share these intriguing discoveries with my friends and family so that they also know what's happening in the world of health and medicine.

So here's wishing you all Happy Quizzing :-)


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