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What A Song :-)
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Sung by Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik, Lyrics by Sameer, Music by Himesh Reshammiya

It's one of my all-time favourite duets. A superb creation - thanks to the superb efforts of Udit, Alka, Sameer and Himesh. Kudos to their creative teamwork.

This song just floated in my mind while I was soaking up the sun in my leafy backyard full of trees and soothing breeze, birds chirping and the sun smiling :-)

Enjoying the British summer....

What more to write except that I'm loving the warm weather till it lasts....Loving every bit of it, and when I'm in love and feeling happy, such nice songs come to me.

So here it is for you. 

Hope you savour it too. Time and weather permitting :-) I'll bring you some more. Soon Boloji will become BoloRadio :-)


Reminds me of my good old days when I used to be a radio presenter in AIR (All India Radio) and did some English and Hindi shows for Yuv-Vani channel.

As they say, history repeats itself....

My son is now a RJ in our local radio station and he's loving every bit of it :-)

I'm glad he's loving it :-) and I hope he continues entertaining the masses. 

I like the way he RJs but I wish some Hindi songs were played as it's all English music here.

That's all for now. The sun is calling me and so I better be going....


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