The golden girl of Bollywood - Sonali Bendre is afflicted with high-grade metastatic cancer and is now undergoing treatment in New York.

My thoughts are with her and her family - her husband Goldie (her name and her husband's name mean the same) and their son Ranveer who's going to be 13 this August.

Sonali has charmed us all with her good looks that shine like gold, good acting ability and dancing skills.

She's given us some very good movies and some very nice songs have been picturised on her and her co-stars.

I've made a playlist on her so that you can see how talented she is and we'll all miss her if she doesn't recover.

Hope she gets well soon and comes back to us and we get to see her in many more glamorous roles.

Wish her speedy recovery. She's just 43 and I want her to live long and healthy, esp. thinking about her very young son who's just stepping into his teens.

My prayers and good wishes are with her. May God save her.


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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