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In August, this year we went to Ireland.

The Crowne Plaza Hotel near Northwood Park in Dublin really enchanted us with its nice decor, cleanliness, good customer service and superb delicacies.

It also had free shuttle service from the airport.

Our hotel room had wonderful views of Northwood Park.

We went walking there and loved the lush green trees, the fresh breeze and the glistening sunshine. It was a sunny day :-)

On another day of our week-long stay, we took boat rides on Dublin Bay and it was adventurous. The weather was cold, cloudy and a bit stormy with some lashing rain. The waves were turbulent but we still enjoyed the experience. It was awesome :-)

We also hired a car and drove down to Wicklow National Park. It was also a beautiful sight of absolute delight with narrow, winding roads taking us up the mountains, surrounded by hills, valleys, trees and picturesque countryside.

We didn’t get the best of weather every day but we tried to make the most of it. In August, when UK was going through a heatwave, Ireland was relatively cold and it felt autumnal out there. People were very warm and friendly. Wish the weather was warmer too….a nice, pleasant summer would have made our trip more enjoyable. However, you can’t get everything in life. By God’s Grace, this was the 17th country I’ve visited in my life and I’m thankful for this blessing.

So here’s sharing this blessing with you

Some photos of Ireland for you to view :)

Happy Viewing
Love, ~ Aparna



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