Thinking of gifting something to your young ones ?!

How about these books?

2 of these I bought for my teens.

They enjoyed it :-)

1 my son got from the local library.

He loved it :-)

All these books have interesting snippets, quotes, anecdotes, advice, suggestions, guidelines and sharing of some personal stories by the authors themselves from the trials and tribulations of their lives - how they overcame obstacles to be where they are now :-)

The Habit of Winning by Prakash Iyer

I bought this from Book Depository which gives free worldwide delivery.

Who will Cry when you Die? by Robin Sharma

I bought this from Amazon. Don't get misled by the morbid title. It's actually a very nice book and my son said it's the best book he's ever read.

He'll be 19 this month and I'm sure he'll come across many good books in his lifetime and probably some would be better than this one he's read but I'm happy to know that he's liked this book.

Both these books I bought as Christmas and New Year gifts for my children.

My son got so inspired after reading these 2 books, he went and got another one issued from our local library and this book was also intriguing and very interesting :-)

The Answer by Allan & Barbara Pease

So if you are thinking of getting something for your young ones esp. if they are teens like my son and daughter who are 18 and 14, I would suggest, go for these books and see if they enjoy reading and give you those "got inspired" looks ;-)


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