I published this Boloji poem of mine on my Blog


As Rajender Ji is not allowing any Getty images on Boloji Poetry, so I published it on my Blog with a picture as I feel that those poems which really warrant a picture, look complete with a picture, otherwise, they look barren to me, as if something is missing....


If you like the way I've published this poem on my Blog and if you would like to get any of your Boloji poems published on my Blog with a picture, feel free to send it to me.

I'll publish the poem in your name with an embedded picture from Getty.

I'll link your name to any profile page you send me, for e.g. in the 'Setting' poem, I've linked my name to my PH profile page but sometimes I also link my name to my Boloji profile page.

So feel free to send me the link of any profile page you have on any website, or if you wish, I can create an internal page on my Blog with your profile details and link your name to that page.

But please send me only those poems that you think really need a nice picture, and also those poems should be short, not long, marathon ones....

I'll publish them in due course of time, as and when I get time, and I'll surely send you the link when the poem is published on my 'Please Peruse' blog.

You know where to contact me. I'm here :-)


In the meantime, I'll keep publishing your poems on Boloji poetry like I've been doing....

For all Boloji poems, please log in and use the online submission form.



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