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This place is a very nice place to stay, a nice getaway on a holiday :-)

It has spacious rooms, sprawling lawns, beautiful trees, a captivating fountain and ample parking space.

The food is good and staff are nice and friendly. If the weather is good, you'll really enjoy this place.

It took me over an hour just to explore this hotel as it has so much to offer.

Restaurants, Gym, Swimming pool, rooftop terrace offering amazing views of the countryside and lots of walking spaces around the hotel.

We went during the Easter break when the roads get clogged with traffic and it's a struggle to find parking spaces as the towns get busy with holidaymakers.

So we were surprised to see that that this huge hotel which was also bustling with a lot of activity, had no dearth of parking as they had plenty of spaces for even coaches to come and park there and usher in large groups of people.

So if you are on a driving holiday and want to avoid the towns and cities for overnight parking, then this is the place to be :-) but you need to be in UK.

This place is within a couple of hours drive from Leeds, Oxford and Cambridge and a little over two hours from London, Manchester and Chester.

If you just want to drive for about an hour, then Birmingham, Coventry and Leicester are the places for you from this hotel.

If you want to explore the countryside, then Shropshire Hills, North York Moors National Park and Peak District are about two hours' drive from this place.

So this place is very centrally located when it comes to visiting so many places and every time you enter the hotel, you are so relieved to find a parking space after a long day of sightseeing.

Inside the hotel buzzes with people but outside it feels as if the hotel is vacant because of so many empty parking spaces. That's what we really loved about this hotel esp. because we have a big car, an 8-seater Mercedes Viano and so whenever we are out and about, we always feel happy if we are able to park easily :-)

So if you live in the UK or are planning to come to UK, and you need a hotel which is accessible from so many destinations, then this hotel is the place to be esp. if you are on a driving holiday :-)

I would suggest not to visit this country when it's having its school holidays as whatever journey times I've given you might increase by a couple of hours here or there depending on which motorway is clogged by what kind of traffic because during the school holidays, it seems the whole of UK is out on the roads, including us :-)

So the best time to visit UK is when its schools are in session and you'll be able to travel without the hiccups of crowds and congestion.

That's a lot of travel advice for now - Take it or leave it :-)

Let me bid you adieu with some pix of this hotel I've been yapping about....and No, nobody has paid me to advertise this hotel.

We stayed here, we liked it and so I thought of sharing this resort with you.

Happy Viewing :-)


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