We went to India this year and stayed in Muse Sarovar. This hotel in Kapashera was convenient for us as it was near Delhi airport and so it worked well as a stopover for domestic and international flights. Here are some pix of this hotel which is the 8th best hotel in Delhi out of more than 1000 hotels (as per Trip Advisor). The ranking can change as there is so much competition and so we don't know how good the hotel will be in the coming years....


We stayed in this hotel twice in August 2019 and had booked 2 rooms for our family. The rooms are nice and spacious. We were surprised to see an all-male staff. We didn't see any women employees in the hotel. Food was good but spicy and pricey. We had to always ask them to make it non-spicy. The bathroom fittings were wonky. The flush didn't work properly. So we asked them to fix it which they did. The mixer tap in the washbasin was giving only warm water and no cold water. We went downstairs to get our room kettle filled with cold water from the kitchen, so that we could boil it and make some tea. There were some mosquitoes in the night on our first visit and so during our second visit, we asked them to give us some plug-in mosquito repellents in each of our 2 rooms which they did. If we again go to Delhi, and we don't get better deals in similar airport hotels, we'll go for this hotel because of their nice decor and ambience, their friendly staff and their tasty food.

If you happen to visit Delhi, you can also try this hotel and see if you like it :-)

Our stay was not hunky-dory and we did have some issues but what we liked is the way they dealt with it.

We were won over by their warm and welcoming hospitality and service.

Now let me bid you adieu with this hotel review.

Love and Regards,
As always, Aparna

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