This victorian hotel was built in 1891.

It is located on Westcliff Parade giving magnificent views of Southend cliff gardens and the Thames estuary.

It has recently been bought by the Muthu group of hotels and so it is now known as MGM Westcliff Hotel.

This is a three-star hotel and so the rooms are quite basic. No air-conditioning, no fridge and no microwave. There is a kettle for making tea/coffee.

However, when you enter the room, the sea-views from the windows are so enthralling, that you forget about the room and enjoy the views.

The staff are nice and friendly. The decor is simple and we did get a tidy room.

The parking is not free and it is permit parking at £2.50 per day.

It's better to buy the permit before you reach the hotel to avoid being fined by the parking wardens.

You can use the Mobon app to buy it online.

The nearest stations to this hotel are Westcliff and Southend Central. Both are within 0.5 miles.

The nearest airport is Southend airport which is about 3 miles from the hotel.

The local taxi company is AC Radio Cabs.

Here are some pix of Westcliff hotel.

We've stayed in much better hotels than this one but we would love to return to this hotel because of its scenic location.

Also, I would suggest, try to stay in this hotel in spring or autumn when it is not too hot and you can do without the AC.

They are still refurbishing the hotel. So hopefully, one day, all their rooms will have AC.

Till then, you can stay in their hotel and enjoy the sea :-)

Happy Staying !!!


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