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How they say in American English
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Someone asked me," Why do you choose choosedays (Tuesdays) to take out your old veekle (vehicle) to fetch vejtables(vegetables)? " I replied, "Yes, I feel comfrtabl ( comfortable) with my veekle ( vehicle) though it is an old two-wheeler. You know the wimen (women) at home feel proud if the gents go to market and buy vegtables.( vegetables). "But you should wear a helmet. It saves your head in the event of an accident. Also think about the palees (police) pulling you over to issue a challan for not wearing the helmet." I had no kaaments(comments) to make on this, nor I didn't kaament ( comment)on his unsolicited and yet sound advice. On the way back, I stopped at a restrant( ‘restaurant)to have a peetsa (pizza) ‘n ( and) kaafee( coffee) for my brekfirst ( breakfast). If the wimenfok (womenfolk) knew I fell for that unheltee (unhealthy) grub, I would be spared of this yehrand (errand) from the next time. Though I was no siner (singer) myself, I wandid ( wanted) to sing all the way home prazing( praising) the things I just bought such as Q-kumber(cucumber)and letice(lettuce)for there ( their) helthee ( healthy) use in awer( our) flood/fyood (food). Suddenly I realized I was overdo (overdue - AE) on my morgij ( mortgage) instalment at the bank, and so I changed my rout ( route). Luckily then, I crossed paths with my plummer( plumber) who was avoiding me for the entire month to finish reparing (repairing) my still leaking bathroom tap.


"fonetics' teacher corrects my



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Comment Things like this are give us lot of entertainment. Americans pronounce schedule as skedyul.
there was a joke about this.

An Indian asked his colleague "What is your schedule today?" pronouncing the way we do.
The American's reply was "In which shool did you study?"

Dr. K S Raghavan
11/07/2019 22:32 PM

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