Have you noticed the 'Lock' symbol on the left side of any URL you type to go to a website?

I see it as a green lock on Opera and as a black lock on Chrome.

If you click it, you'll be able to see the site information and if you go to site settings, you are given the option of blocking JavaScript.

The default setting is 'allow' JavaScript.

For most sites, it is OK and no need to change the setting.

But on those websites where they run JavaScript that doesn't allow you to access the website's content till you subscribe or open an account or disable ad-blocker, on such websites, blocking the JavaScript works wonders.....

For e.g. on some newspapers like

The Hindu


The New York Times


The Local


These websites allowed me to read limited number of articles and then a pop-up came saying that I needed to subscribe / open an account / disable ad-blocker to continue reading.....

But my son taught me today how to resolve this problem, by simply blocking the JavaScript on the site setting.

Now this technique will work only for those websites which run JavaScript for such pop-ups.

It won't work on sites like The Telegraph where for premium articles you need to pay and they don't use JavaScript.


But for such sites, my son has added an extension from GitHub and now he can read such articles for free.


I've asked him to observe how the extension works.....before I feel confident to use it on my PC as I don't want any bugs.

I've always believed in lifelong learning and for me, learning has no age. We learn from our elders, we learn from our youngsters and we also learn from our contemporaries.....

I feel blessed to learn so many things from my children. Even my daughter has taught me very many things regarding PC and mobiles. My husband who's forever so busy, also teaches me, whenever he can squeeze out some time from his hectic work life and his frequent tours as he's often out of station. All of them are better at PC than me. They are also good in art and can sketch beautifully.....

In this age of instant e-greetings, I was pleasantly surprised to get a very nice, intricately designed, handmade card from my son on Mother's Day this year. He's also done very well in his 1st year of Uni, having passed with distinction and has also made it to the Dean's List.

Nowadays, he's experimenting with all sorts of microwave cooking by trying new recipes and as always, is enjoying his weekly duty as a local radio presenter. Recently, he's started volunteering in a wildlife trust as he loves the outdoors and is always looking for opportunities to be near nature.

I wish him success in his endeavours. Let's see where life takes him. Hope all goes well.

That's all my sharing for now.

Take Care,
L 'n' R,

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