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Children's Poetry Collection - 1
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Presented below is a collection of poems by children that were previously published on

The Air We Breathe... by Dilshad Kaur

We all know that we need the air,
But it’s sad how we are reducing our share,
I wonder how is the deal fair,
My hands join in earnest prayer!

Do you think we really care?
For the pollution we are spreading everywhere,
How much will the earth bear?
We’ll have to do a lot to repair.
Do you know who is to be blamed?
By cutting the trees, what have we gained?
The plants and animals – all go through the pain,
I say it’s time we became more humane.
What have we done to the sky?
The birds don’t find it easy to fly,
I wish we could hear how they cry,
Where do you think does the responsibility lie?

A Fairy Tale for Danes by Geoffrey Jackson

The waves rolled high
Storm clouds massed
Grey and white
The big fish heaved
In the shallows

And the little boy found it
He played with it
Darting to and fro along
The white sands
His brown feet
Drumming the beach
And beating up foam

And the old fish was happy
And slowly it slumbered in the rising time
While the little boy danced
In the heat of the Indian summer
Along the white sands

And the tides of time rose
And the fish flicked
A thank-you with its heavy tail
As the boy's brown face
Registered disappointment
And the fish carried off
A memory of inerasable loss
To the deep blue sea.

A Streak of Life by Upasana

A glimpse of golden pencil
Passing through the sky,
Lifts my thoughts above
Very high and high.

You pour in through my window
Glistening my curls,
You are precious to me
Like dropping pearls.

My eyes linger on you
For hours and hours,
You are a maiden with golden locks
Blooming like a sunflower

I call you my inmate
But you stand still in your place,
But in my vivid imagination
I challenge you in a race.

A Rainy Recall by Sharanya Mosalakanti

Sitting alone in the verandah
on a rainy evening,
I hear the thunder above
bringing in loads of rain
pounding my rooftop.
My mother in the kitchen
preparing monsoon delights,
a happy glow on her face
welcoming her favourite days,
rejoicing seeing her plants so bright
just couldn't take her eyes off  this sight.
And then it came and sat
trembling on the sill
completely drenched, she spoke to my mind.
Looking into her eyes, I said,
"Oh dear ! I feel myself wet !!"
Was it a winged me there?
Soon, it flew off sight
into the distant skies
looking for a home....
.... the warm aroma of pakoras woke me up.

Friends by Anushka Ravindran

Friends give a helping hand
When no one else is there
They try their best to make a land
Which you and them can share

Have faith in your friends
For their love never ends
Play and study together
And be with them forever.

First Encounter by Sudipta Biswas

The day was really beautiful and cheerful
I was walking through the corridor with my stomach full
I had just eaten my Tiffin,
But could still tuck in some muffin.
I had heard about you from my mother
But never had the time to bother.
Well where was I heading to -
Oh my classroom!
And then I saw you peeping through the window
With looks of little dear sheep in a meadow.
That was our first encounter,
Which still remains in my mind
And will never blow away with the wind.

My Caterpillar by Richa

I have a caterpillar,
And his color is green.
He wiggles, wriggles, ziggles,
To places he has not been.
He loves many varieties of food,
Ice-cream keeps him in a good mood.
Eats lots of idlis– one full crate!
And dosas? One full plate!
He also likes to dress up,
So he went to ‘ Pantaloons’ shop,
Bought colorful clothes ,
And became tip-top.
That’s how he changed into
A Beautiful Butterfly!

Loner by Abinash Rout

Loner, who wants to be?
Some do, saying they love being one;
Is it really interesting,
Being a loner.
Like a cactus in the ocean of sands,
Like a skunk in the crowd of beasts;
Having a deserted look,
Stands he alone.
Nothing amuses him,
Nothing fascinates him;
But he and,
He himself.
Love, hatred, anger, sorrow,
His feelings, keeping to himself;
Accumulating which, increasing unknowingly,
His aggressiveness.
Makes friends,
But cannot maintain friendship;
What is the value,
If he doesn’t realise relationship.
Ignorant to outside world,
Lives his own life;
Out of the society,
Confined to his own mundane activity.
People start ignoring him too,
Selfish he grows, with each morrows;
Humanity in him dies,
With passing nights.
Like this he wasn’t before,
Never expected this, did he?
Situations made him worse,
He now walks like a living corpse.
All he want is a company,
Someone whom he can trust;
Someone he could believe,
To share all his thoughts.

Joy - My Expectation by Kasturi Ramanathan

I saw an angel with bright blue lights
She told me not to think of the fights

She consoled me, she calmed me,
And said,” I am there for thee”.

The next day, I quietly stepped into school,
Surprised to see my friends were not cool.

I thought of what the angel said
And believed that god was not dead.

I still believe so, but god does not show
Any sympathy on me and makes me feel really low

Again, as usual today I cried
Weeping and weeping till the tears dried.

I saw the angel in a dream.
If what she said isn’t true, I’ll scream

Because I’ve heard people say
True dreams come your way!!

All I need – JOY, my expectation
Something that I feel is more than an explanation!

Freedom from Fates' Fealty by Sreemoyee Bose

Fates stay away from me,
Because I’m my destiny!
No one can take that away
And I won’t ever take it back.
I have cherished every flowing stream,
The crystal waters now mudded haze;
I cherish all the blooming flowers,
Now destroyed by your grace.
Now it’s useless for you to stay with me
With your futile conflict till late
‘Coz your poignant envy cannot
Break me down, Oh foolish fate
You may usurp the palace of my Hearing
But u cannot break the memories of serene lyres
You may scatter the domains of my radiant eyes
But there retains the memoirs of hills and mountain sides
Thy may fret my legs and shatter my knees
Your sudden anguish may cause my terrible pain
But can you take away the joys of pillion rides
Towards light in the heaven blessed rain???
You may take my body and quell my blood with deep hatred;
But still you cannot take my soul
From flying away elated
I was enslaved to thee
But the chains are now broken
Once again I’llbreathe the fresh air
Of the banks of Heaven’s Lake
Never again will I submit myself
To the thing named ‘LUCK’
Because I know in my innermost soul
That it is only foolish chucks.
My past mistakes had made me weak
But now my strength is gonna match thine
Never again, even once, I’ll listen to you
When you ask me not to shine
You demesne is your is your belonging
Let’s not put me in for minor crimes.
The sweetest songs of Springs,
Is not heard at your time.
Your failure attempts earns my Pity
And your Regrets, my Contempt.
Because now I derive my sorrow
From the realms of Universal Joy;
Now my Love can Betray me, and the World against me turn its face-
But my poor Fate you are unable to hold
A life that, I live Loud and Bold!
So leave me or not I always move on towards Light

Memories by Vanisha Vinit

Looking back at the photographs
Brings back fond memories
When I was young
I miss those days
But I love these days better
Even though I am faraway
From my Sister and Dad
I can still sense their presence
At times I wake up
To the sound of their voices
It feels like
They are right next to me
My Sister and Dad
Left a piece of themselves with me
And I hope I did too
I will always remember
The fun and the bad times
The happier and even the sad times
For some memories are simply fantasies
But mine is the foundation
Of what and who I am today.

God by Siddhi Satpathy

I have heard a lot about God,
People say he is everywhere
I wonder where is He?
Is he even there in the peapod?
People say he's all around us?
Why can't I see him thus?
Therefore he is the best,
But why does he take so many tests?
I can’t stop wondering "why"
Still I can’t see him, as much as I try
About him I’m curious to read,
And I’m sure one day I will succeed.

Dreams by Mimansa

These are not rhymes,
rather feeling that leave a gleam,
That take me to a world of my own meme,
where I become the queen ..
Of my own kingdom of dreams!
Maybe, they are none more than chimera,
but I would always wish to be one among the hataera's!
Outside world may see this as hallucinated ,
but I will work hard,
and will go ahead more accelerated!
This poem may sound off-the-wall,
But when one began to think fancy,
nothing can make them down to fall!
And when dreams come true,
it feels like heaven-sent 
For those who conquered the storm and moulded the bents!
Talent is mere luck,
you need not blame it or struck!
Dreams only become authentic,
When you conscious and subconscious become identic!!
Some entity comes in between for dream's discrete,
if one beat them,
his dream ought to be concrete!
and I believe,
Obstruction are designed by fate,
And distraction is all what we create!
Life shows many phase,
but if,
dream is what we chase.
Then surely,
Oneday our jinx will drown,
And one will walk like a queen,
with a battle-fought crown!

Indo-Pak Extremism by Sarvesh Saurabh

A lifetime has gone by fighting,
fuming and biting;
A lifetime has gone by accusing,
annoying and abusing.
Thousands of lives
have fallen by the side
And many more have been
swept away by the tide;
Of bitterness, brutality and barbarism;
On both sides of the border.
And evil minds can do
what they've often done;
Refusing to learn even the simple law
of neighborhood and mutual-interest;
Unless forced by the west;
Which always has a game to play.
But who knows, wisdom may dawn one day;
For miracles to happen
And to heal the wounds of 1971 and beyond.
So, let's learn from the earlier causes
And build these hopeful noises;
To thaw bitterness
And give peace a chance.

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