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Children's Poetry Collection - 2
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Presented below is a collection of poems by children that were previously published on

A Birthday Wish for Paataiyah by R. Kasturi

(As he Hits a Century)

Warm thoughts of native Karaikudi
Are of visiting paataiyah and paati;
At our majestic big house we are greeted
By paataiyah in his easy chair seated!

A simple and pious man is he,
Listening to the news on radio we see,
Notebooks to children a noble charity,
We know he loves his dear family!

We hear him speak English with ease
But we are surprised he’s yet to pass SSLC
He tells us he’ll go to school soon,
So we wish he sees many a new moon!!!

Paati comes running to his every call
In kindness and love she stands tall.
With, fruits, paniyarams and vaadais so tasty
Her clear voice welcomes us till eternity.

This is such a proud occasion,
A festival and a joyous celebration!
Today is paataiyah’s hundredth birthday,
I want his blessings every day!!

(Poets Note : "Paataiyah" - that' how I call my great grand father - the 100 year old man."Paati" - shes my great grand mother. the two of them, though now no more, lived in my native place - Kaaraikudi (Chettinad), central Tamilnadu. Two years ago, my great grand father celebrated his 100th birthday and this was the poem I wrote for him. I wrote it out in a chart, framed it and presented it to him and to tell you the truth, its hanging there at their front door.)

A Letter to Doreman by Siddharth Nanda

Hi! Doreman
How are you?
I finish up my homework,
do everything in a hurry,
and sit before my T.V. set.

Eagerly waiting to see you,
You are such a cute robot,
look like a roly-poly cat,
but think like a dearest friend.

You never get angry with Noluita
Naughty Noluita takes away your gadgets.
Tries to please Sijuka,
As he is jealous of Dekisugi,
Always wants to teach Lyian and Sunit a lesson.

Hey Doreman!
You have such a great and loving heart,
Just like my loving mama
You forgive Noluita every time
For his mistakes,
Yet, you guide him like a teacher.

I love you so much.
Would you like to be my friend?

A Note Out of My Immediate Thoughts by Sneha Pande

I quietly sat on my arm chair,
thinking about an hour,
an hour of bliss,
an hour of peace,
an hour of love,
an hour where all could be justified without having anything to miss….

I thought of leading my country away,
Away from this junction of disparity,
Away from the war,
Away from the self imposed slavery…

I knew that it wasn’t that easy as it seemed to be,
There was much more to do than I could just see.
The plethora of an empty darkness restrained me from taking a step,
But I knew the only way to show the world was to take the challenge alone before it was too late,
It was time to make hay while the sunshine
before the role was played by the fate…

Thou rule’s over “poverty”,
Tell thou evil brother “corruption” to surrender,
Forget not to pass on this message to the clan of “terrorism”,
Who shall in turn forward this news
to “ dowry”, “inequality”, “illiteracy”, “female infanticide”.
Hide your face evil, try and conceal your image,
For the power that you have to face now
is the ultimate power of the YOUTH…

We, ‘YOUTH’, shall awake India into a new world of hope,
Where no more divisions shall be made,
And shan’t be any conspiring rope.
It will be a new world where All Will Be Well,
Without any sorrows and without any death knell…

Flowers shall bloom again
without the fear of being crushed
by that ruthless man of evil,
Nature shall once again sing songs
of glory, joy, solitude and our nation will shine
Without any signs of terrorism…

I do not think I wish for something unbelievable,
I haven’t asked for a Kohinoor
neither am I asking for a death sentence
For someone who should NOT be named,
Neither am I asking for another new state
nor do I ask to segregate India
And thus seek its fate.
All I ask you is to once again shake hands,
Let the world know our strength and let all of us know that,
Single we fall but united we stand…

Introspection is all that we need,
Blaming one another for all that is done to our nation
Won’t fetch us any steady feet.
For once let us think of our country, our motherland,
And do all to make it live again,
in a world free of all the evil,
in a world more bright,
in a world where it can breathe that fragrant air of freedom,
the golden air of security, love and compassion,
And we shall get a perfect INDIA in bargain…


Animal Summer by Arpita Sur

Summer is here
Come and hear
the song of birds
singing with the heard of cattle
Moo-Moo say the cows
The dog comes and paws
the rabbit moves about
with a carrot in it's mouth
The lions prowl by
The deer nearby lie
I don't know why
The bats say goodbye
This summer day
Which is full of gay!

The Season of Rings: Spring by Arpita Sur

Loveliest of all seasons is spring
When the bells of joy
begin to ring

The air is full of
sweet singing birds
and the fragrance of the
flowering buds

The weather is pleasant and
As the spring is here for the

And don't forget the festivals
are here

To make our life joyful

Big Things and Small Things by Aara Sheth

I am too small to do the big things
That I should like to do,
Like make the earth forever green
And the sky forever blue.
But I can do the small things
That help to make life sweet,
Even if the clouds arise,
And storms and thunders beat.

Blacksheep Rain by Koustav Sadhu

With joy the children play
Suddenly comes a rainy cloud
And it begins to rain.
It makes the playground muddy
The dark cloud spreading like a curtain
After a while stops the naughty rain
In the playground to resume their game
The children quickly come again
But just like a blacksheep
The rainy water strongly reigns
In all around
Of the nasty playground
The children become very sad
Because they can’t play in mud
For them, it was very bad
At last, the children gave up
Their hopeful idea and say
We no more enjoy the day.

Books by Anushka Sharma

I love books,
They have colorful looks.
They keep me engrossed.
In their mazes and puzzles I’m lost.
Books take me to different places,
And they also bring smiles to sad faces.
I feel happy with books around me, I do,
And they are my best friends too.
I read books before I sleep,
And in the morning in books again I peep.

Butterflies by Anushka Sharma

Butterflies look so beautiful
Amongst flowers in a row,
So beautiful like a rainbow
They are proud of their beauty
And they are so sweety,
When they sit on my hand,
They look so grand.
They flutter and sway.
And I like them to stay.
On some sad days,
They fly to my face
To wipe my tears away

Butterfly by Shailee

Butterfly you are so beautiful.
Your wings are so colorful.
Sometimes red, Sometimes blue and bright.
I wish I could fly like a kite.
Then I would suck nectar like you.
I’d play hide and seek with you
But, I can’t fly like you.
I can’t suck nectar like you.
I can’t play hide and seek with you.
But still, I’m happy I can see you
Flying in the sky.
Even if I can’t fly.

Love by Shailee

Love is what you get from your parents,
And you get much more from your grandparents,
Love is something you get from your teachers,
And from all the living creatures.

Love is shown with hugs and kisses,
We show it through our warmth and wishes.
Love peeks out of smiling faces,
Many times, it’s hidden in scolding cases.

Love means taking out time for a friend,
Whether you are near by or at the other end.
Love means something you gift to others,
Like rakhis tied to brothers.

Love is what that makes you beautiful,
You share it with others to make them cheerful.
Love is what you get from others,
And you must return it to them,
with flying colors!!

Butterfly by Rajeev Mehta

I saw a beautiful butterfly
Flying in the sky.
Its colorful wings sparkle in the light
Which make me feel cool and bright.
It goes on fluttering on the flowers
It hides away in April showers.
I run in the garden, the butterfly I chase
But she vanishes in the sun’s rays.

Butterfly by Vidisha Sanghvi

When I see a butterfly
Flying high and fluttering by
My heart leaps up, I laugh so much
That butterfly I want to touch.
It has very beautiful wings
With lines; dots and sparkling rings.
It comes to my garden everyday
In month of April and May.
It sits on the flower and flies in the sky
It charms us all and flies away high.

Butterfly - Flutterby by Kavya Shah

Butterfly my dearest,
You suck the nectar- the sweetest
From my window I see you fly,
Sometimes you fly very high.
Your wings are like a rainbow,
You suck the nectar you suck it slow.
Your face is small,
And you have no chin at all.
I want to see you sucking
nectar from flowers.
and playing in the June showers.

Butterfly's Life with Me! by Kareena Shamsi

I have a little butterfly
That stays inside my room.
She stays because on my window,
Colorful flowers bloom.
The blooms have many colors
Like yellow, blue and green.
Flitting around those happy flowers
She is always seen.
My butterfly and I - dance and play
From me she never runs away.

Moon by Kareena Shamsi

I sit by my window,
And watch the full moon.
It looks like a golden pearl,
In a silvery spoon.

Beautiful and round,
Like a fresh circle of cheese,
It changes its face,
On a swift moving breeze.

Big and glowing,
It reflects and smiles beautifully.
On the surface of the lake,
It stays and sways joyfully.

Oh! How I wish I could,
Rise up in the sky,
And accompany the moon,
Together we would fly.

Books by Astha Mallik

Books are more precious than heart 'n' soul
They are the essence of my work and my goal.
Books are the  key to wisdom's treasure
And are gates to the land of pleasure.
Books help in building a good character
In fact they are the child's best tutor.
Books must be read with utmost attention
They have the power to increase concentration.
Books benefit us in such a way
So as to make our life witty and gay.
Books lead us on the path of tranquility.
They are the true symbol of immortality
Books are of progress a vital seed
Books are our friends, come let's read.

Child Labor by Anuja Chandan

Many Children have smiling faces,
And fun many a time,
But there are some children
Who never even have enough to dine.

They have to work all day
To earn their daily pay.
Some of them do cleaning and
Some of them do weaving,
But still it's difficult for them
To eke out a decent living.

Why can't these children smile and enjoy if we can?
Only because they are the children of some poor man.
Why do they have to bear their master's rod?
Is it because they are children of a lesser god.

Please stop this child labor,
No more mournful sighs
But only innocent faces
With happy smiles and sparkling eyes.

Escape to the Sundarbans by Swapnil Bhattacharyya

One and all, aboard the craft,
Saturated with steel and flesh.
Swaying from side to side, we went;
Into this alien mesh.

"Hiegh ho! Heigh ho!". were the cries;
"Where is thy homeland?"
This simple folk queried on;
As the summer Sun dried the sand.

The bugs and critters - a part of this life;
Clicked and clucked throughoit the night.
The baul singers bellowed on;
"Encore! Encore!", were the screams of delight.

As we relished the sweet forest dew,
We hardly did realise;
The peril and hardships faced by this race,
Omnipresent in many a strange guise.

A stroll through this maze, did remind us;
Of the gifts of the Green Mother,
Showered upon us with even flow;
't makes thee ask thyself, "Did I even bother?"

Back to thy homeland;
The sands of time have passed by.
'tis said, "Once escaped to the Sundarbans,
It's myriad melodies will never die!"

DreamZ by Avantika Sharma

The visions you see with closed eyes are dreams,
Though strange and puzzling, they are sweet.
I once had such a dream while sleeping,
And at present that's all I can be thinking.

There I saw a ray of light falling on every being,
And that beautiful ray even fell on me.
On falling it gave me a strange kind of warmth and glow,
and on its reach I felt being loved and close.
Then all of a sudden I opened my eyes,
And I could see things transmogrify.
The world which to me was a brimstone sea of boiling fire,
Felt as if it was a paradise, my fulfilled desire.

But what is this, it is here no more,
And everywhere it was back to same :
Darkness and Remorse.
Oh! my disappointment I cannot explain,
All it had was pain, pain and pain.
But to the dream I cannot put a blame,
coz dreams are something we cannot claim.

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