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Children's Poetry Collection - 3
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Presented below is a collection of poems by children that were previously published on

Teach Me by Anavi Akhaury

As I scribble sentences
I learn of postulates
That didn’t begin at my birth.
Thumps in my head;
All the things that I’ve read.
I hope this erudition
Of prosperity and determination
Will save me someday,
Someday when I cute open
A stranger’s chest,
Someday when I’ll be sipping surprising stories;
Unholy podcasts about the noises,
Someday when
I’ll be creating a world that belongs
To me.
I hope it saves me
From the war
That continuously cooks in cauldron,
This cauldron that we call home-
It rolls over,
Flattening our globe,
Opening our robes
Displeasured and provoked moans.
This cauldron cooks cacophonies,
Wringing my ears,
Calling what is left behind
For it doesn’t understand that it was left for a reason,
This hurtful love will boil us,
It will turn science into fiction,
Bring back borders with friction.
I hope it saves me.
I hope you save me-
For I want to unlearn
These conventional circumstances,
These chaotic conspiracies,
Forcing postulates down my throat like
Cough syrup,
When I simply suffer from the cure
And not the pretentious predicament.
I want to stand in front of the mirror
And learn to learn.
So, will you teach me?
For I should be your first employee,
Willing and able,
As the textbook teaches.
Teach me how to show
Kindness to those who never know,
Teach me how to
Read mosaics that shelfed books create,
Teach me the algorithms of clouds and stars.
Teach me just that,
Along with what CBSC desires,
For she will never expire.
So please, teach me-
For I will wear my gratitude on
The diaphanous wings that
You have ever since given me,
For you have taught me to teach me.

Leaves by Mitali Chaudhary

Today I went outside and I saw colorful leaves
On the trees
And on the ground
On the benches and all around

They were some flying in the air
And some just sitting there.
Oh what fun it is to find them everywhere
Now I know spring is in the air

Dream by Sandhya Santoshkumar

On a summer night
in dim light
I walked admiring the stars
and wondering about the Mars
I saw dogs coming to bite
and suddenly I fell in a pit
then I gave a big scream
and got up to see, it was a dream

Gandhiji by Chaitanya Agarwal

Gandhiji thought a lot,
Of the freedom which we got.
For it he worked very hard,
India’s peace he had to guard.
He trusted non-violence,
He trusted silence and tolerance.
He was very honest,
And inspired the rest.
If we had Gandhiji in today’s race,
This world would be a better place.

Dusk by Prakarrsh Dhungana

In a cold morning
shimmering light
intrudes into my dusky room.
I agape my eyes…
the beam comes
unswerving into my eyes.
The whole day
strangles Earth in lessen.
The evening starts…
beautiful light gets
covered by opaque.
The beautiful light
leaves the earth in dusk.

Flowers by Priyanka Shah

Flowers flowers!
You touch my heart.
Flowers flowers!
You fill my heart.
Flowers flowers!
You make me smile,
Keep it lingering for a while.
You feel so soft and look so bright
You look cute when you curl up at night
Oh! Thank you flowers!
Because you bloom,
You save the world,
From a terrible gloom.

Garbage by Ananya Nair

A pathetic sight to see everywhere
Garbage piled up here and there
Dumpsites swarming with dirt
Other countries watching us with mirth
The garbage man comes
To be precise he runs
Without him we cannot survive
We are all so naïve
Don’t you all get it
Take a seat and I’ll explain
We all are so lame
Throwing things here and there
We have no end of excuses
Wasted carrots and letuces
A packet of noodles
A broken tennis racket
A rotten cabbage
Isn’t there any end to garbage?
Take my heed
And don’t fall for the reed
We all can change
Do it for the country
Do it for others
Do it for your neighbors
Do it for your kids
Do it for your siblings
Do it for your family
Do it for yourself

Who are You to Me? by Ananya Nair

You don’t know me,
You can’t see
All I'm suffering
To you it’s a little jeering
Though you see me silently crying,
You bow to the cheering
I keep all this quite
Everyone knows what you do is just right.
To you it’s just a bit of jeering
A teaspoon of sneering
You don’t know how much it stung
The horrible thing that hung
I felt like smearing your face with dragon dung
But now doesn’t worry me
Who are you to me?

Heaven by Kirti Nair

The Train number seven,
Is to go to heaven.
The train number eleven
Is to come back from heaven
Its such a beautiful place,
Looks like a smiling face,
People do not stare,
But only care.
Do not feel shy,
Its high up in the sky
People cant see you,
Things there are new.
Take the train number Seven
And go straight to heaven
If you want to return from Heaven
Take the train number eleven.

My Tree by Kirti Nair

I have a little tree,
Which is very beautiful to see.
People see it and say
It keeps you happy and gay.

After my home work
And all the other work
I sit under its cool  shade
And drink lemonade

I hear the birds singing
In the lovely morning
Their sweet soothing song
Which is not too long.

I want a Pet by Sahil Motiani

My favorite animal is a cat,
I ask my mom if I could get that.
It would be fluffy with golden fur,
When she would be happy she would purr.
She would be as naughty as a child,
But I hope that she would not get wild.
She would not be dumb for sure,
And her eyes would glow like moon - so pure.
When I am sad, my pain she will feel,
With her love, my ‘hurt’ she will heal.

Identity by Rhea Kumar

Many people believe identity is our name
But what if our names were the same?
Such an incident had occurred at one time
In a city with a lot of glamour and shine
The mayor was looking for a certain man
Who was the descendant of an army man
Who had served the army years ago
Faithfully and loyally, without any ego
He had given up his life for the nation
And he certainly needed a standing ovation
But of course, since he was dead
The applause would go to his descendant instead
He was to receive a cash prize
That would make him wealthy for the rest of his life
His identity, his name was Hector Wright
With a beard and moustache, so snowy white
When the name was announced, a huge crowd was present
Most of which contained old and retired men
First a stout man walked across the masses
With a white moustache which looked like molasses
“I’m Hector, hand over the money!”
“Its not him, he’s lying!” retorted a voice sweet, as honey
The mayor turned to see another chap
Who had a broken leg, the result of some mishap
Before anyone could say anything, another walked up
Carrying a long cane with a parrot at the top
And soon there were more, till there were millions
All with white hair, and breath smelling like onions
And all of them opened their mouth
To say they were Hector Wright, without any doubt
And you could not tell one from the other
It was as if they were all twin brothers
Soon there was a heated argument
No one could understand a single sentence
But no one knew who actually had the identity
Of all the men gathered in the city
The mayor was perplexed, how could this be
How could all of them have the same identity?
He scratched his head in irritation
And pondered over the difficult situation
Towards the mayor all of them dashed
And climbed onto him, to extract the cash
But were soon pushed back by the security
Who did not care about their identity
“Stop, stop!” the mayor gave a choked cry
It took a while till the crowd fell quiet
As soon as that happened, a man came
With no white hair, and no cane
“Mr Mayor, we have received a report!” he said
“That Mr. Wright is long dead
A year ago, the descendant of the general
Passed away with a heart attack so lethal!”

The Dancing Shoes by Rhea Kumar

Once there was a girl
Whose hopes and dreams were high
She aspired to become a ballerina
And touch the seventh sky

She enrolled for dancing classes
At a very young age
But alas, she could never keep balance
Much to the teacher’s fury and rage

Then one day, there came the big news
The class was enacting “The Swan Lake”
But the only role fit for her
Was the disgraceful, waddling drake!

She begged and begged for a bigger role
Finally the teacher said yes
And gave her the role of the nimble deer
It was the next to the best

The girl though, was extremely nervous
What if she forgot her steps?
Made a fool of herself in public
By falling and breaking a leg!!

Crying, she rushed to her darling mother
And asked her for advice
She just couldn’t perform on stage
After all, she was just a novice!

Her mother took out a pair of dancing shoes
Oh! they were so beautiful!
“They’re magic,” she told her daughter
“They’ll help you balance and make you look graceful”

The girl was filled with wonder and surprise
She couldn’t believe her ears
Next time, when she wore her shoes and danced
It looked as if she had danced for years

Everyone was amazed and astonished
When she danced on the final day
A huge round of applause greeted her
She had never seen a brighter day

Gay and happy she rushed to her mother
And thanked her for all she had done
But was surprised, when her mother smiled and said
That she had made the whole thing up

“It wasn’t the shoes my dear
They were simple and ordinary
It was your belief in yourself
That made your dance extraordinary”

The moral of the story, dear friends
Always believe in yourself and have self-confidence
It will help you fight all obstacles
And reach the pinnacle of success!!

In the Memory of My Grandpa by Maheen F. Khadeer

I'll never forget the day that I last I saw you,
With your white hair and beard so new.
You had to leave me when I was still young,
I didn't even say bye. Why couldn't you stay?
I still remember you, how can I ever forget you.
You fought my battles and never let me down.
You were always there for me to reach out to.
My dad tells me stories old and new
but they're not as good as the memories I have of you.
Whenever I saw you my heart filled with joy.
Now that you're gone it's a place that's empty.
My whole life changed the day you left.
I want you to hold me one last time,
But it's just not possible now that you're gone.
I want to look at you one last time,
To see that glow that warms me inside.
I want to hug you and feel your warmth.
I search for those eyes,
I search for that smile.
I look around for quite awhile.
I finally understand that there's no chance.
No chance to hug you. No chance to see you.
No chance to tell you that I want you.
No chance to tell you that I miss you.
There's just no chance now that you're gone.
The sweet loving grandpa that I once knew.
Is away from me, far, far away.
He's gone away from the world,
Gone to a land with no worries
And for me he has left behind a treasure trove of memories.

If I Could Dig a Tunnel and Go by Sophia Khurana

I wish I could dig
anywhere I could
I would go at night
so the shimmer of rubies will be good
I go on fast
First I go straight
I go right
Have I lost my way?
And then ah! I'm finally there
...the land of the lost that has never been found
is here.

If I Were A Butterfly by Santak Mohanty

If I were a butterfly,
I would fly happily in the sky,
With no one to question me why.
I would sit on the flowers
And suck the honey,
Without giving any money,
I would enjoy the cool air
Without paying any fare.
I would not do any heavy duty
But happily enjoy nature’s beauty.
I would be free from tension
And draw everyone’s attention
Over all,
My life would be full of pleasure,
Without any sort of mental pressure.

Indian Cricket Team by Darsh Modi

Indian cricket team is the best one,
A team like this, there is none.
When Agarkar takes a wicket,
Everyone enjoys cricket.
When Dravid gets out,
Everyone shouts.
When Sachin hits a six,
Pakistan is in a fix.
Hope the players do less ads,
And become the greatest cricketing lads.

Joy and Magic by Latha Mohan

It seems only like yesterday,
When this bundle of joy arrived,
With tender skin and marble eyes,
A source of her mother's pride.

Her laughter, the sound of bells,
Her chirpy voice, so sweet,
Our home echoed with her songs,
Our happiness was complete.

Watered with love and care,
This tiny bud has blossomed,
A precious jewel, so rare ,
So beautiful and awesome.

In her looks, ways and charms,
She promises to be a princess,
Let a tiny zit, on her nose appear,
She'll be a damsel in distress.

Sixteen splendid summers,
Have flown past so quick,
Of fun, tears and laughter,
moments of sheer magic

When, its home, this angel leaves,
My heart it will ache and cry,
I'll just have to stand on the threshold,
And wave with tears in my eyes.

My Dad by Marry

Do you know my dad ?
He is sometimes good and sometimes bad.

He plays with me upon his mood
And likes all kinds of food.

One thing I know, he runs too fast
My dad is the best
Now can I have some rest.

My Favorite Subject by Sharanya Bashyam

My favorite subject,
Is Biology.
It has two parts,
Botany and zoology.

Animals and plants,
Diseases are there too.
Why you can even research,
On anything you want too!

I love this subject,
Because I think it is very nice.
So many things to research on,
Even small mice!

My Love and My Life by Sagar Gurung

It’s easy to fall in love,
Much harder to be loved…
It’s easy to be a friend,
Much harder to get a friend.

Dawn begins the day,
so does it end the night.
Where can I find
My love…
In this shivering night.

Betrayed by the curtain of lies,
Among us…
Waiting for the curtains to lift up,
So that, we can be only single in this world.

Loitering for years and decades,
The place, where we used to come together,
Is no more the same, as I had thought.

Suddenly, noise from a crowd,
Reached the ears of mine.
Buzzing! Help the lady, help the lady…
Amazed by the noise
I rushed…
To be greeted by a girl,
Lying on the ground,
Face smeared with blood.

I stared into her eyes,
Saw no sign of life.
Slowly, tears flooded,
My eyes.
Then asked myself
What was that
That lay
between us…

My Mother by Advait Shroff

My Mother
My mother is very nice,
She is also very wise,
My mother is smart and cute,
She sweetly smiles when someone salutes,
She likes to wear sari and jeans,
And what she says she really does mean,
She never breaks her promises ever
I just know that there is none like her

New Year Resolutions by Manisha Mishra

Another year has gone by
We can just recall and sigh
At some of our unpleasant acts
That have besmirched the days gone by.

Our words might have hurt a caring soul
Our deeds, a loving heart
A good person might have turned evil
Due to thoughtlessness on our part.

However this year did go by
Still another year is ahead
It is time to make our resolutions
On the path of truth we have to tread.

We should promise to be nice
And as thoughtful as we can be
And make use of our talents
the problems of others we should see.

Help the poor and the needy
Show kindness to everyone
When Truth and non violence is what we work for
New hope comes with every dawn.

It is up to us to carve our future
Of happiness and peace
Where fruits are filled with juice of joy
and with hope sway the trees.

Monsoon Don’t Go Away by Soumya Rao

Monsoon don’t go away.
I like to play with you all day,
When the clouds turn grey,
I pray you, don’t go away.
When you come I paint your clouds,
I jump and dance among the crowds,
I catch your drops near the crops,
I see the fields go flips and flops,
You’ve poured a lot, made streets bad,
You’ve also made the farmers sad.
Please! it’s time for you to go I think,
Or else, the whole world will sink.

My World by Kareena

The birds in the sky are flying.
The children of the world
are playing.
The animals on the earth
are hunting.
But the trees are getting cut.
Imagine a world without trees!
No fluttering butterflies
and no bees.
The world will be bare
without these
So don’t cut trees, please!
Please don’t cut trees.

My Dog by Anudhriti Rabha

Ruffy, Ruffy, you are so fluffy
In your company I am always happy;
I know you love me, and I love you too
For when I am sad, you too are down and feeling blue.
When a thing slips out of my hand
You run and bring it from the sand;
Then you go out to play
If it's a fine sunny day.
And may I ask you why
Do you bark at the birds that fly?
Crazy though at times you appear
I love you Ruffy, my dearest dear.

Rainbow by Anudhriti Rabha

Oh! It is so high in the sky
It is not so low,
The beautiful, coloured ribbon in the sky
Is called a rainbow
After the rains it comes in its form,
Among the rainy sap,
The precious colours of the rainbow
Coming from the nature's lap.
O, dear rainbow, full of goodness and beauty
You have such a wonderful face
O, delightful rainbow, with all the seven colours
You are the example of grace!
I don't have any words with me,
I will just repeat it so,
The  beautiful coloured ribbon in the sky
It is called a rainbow

My Dida by Ishani Sarkar

My Dida* is my life
She’s like a doll
She is my mother,
Grandmother, friend and all.
My Dida is an amazing cook
I love her food
She prepares everything I like
That’s tasty and good.
I yearn to be with her always
But she lives so far
I feel like floating 
On a cloud and reaching her.
I play with her
I sing with her
Both of us go crazy
When we are together.
When I stay with my Dida
I’m pampered throughout
The days are made special
By her presence, fun and food.

*Dida means naani (maternal grandma in Bengali)

My Mother by Ishani Sarkar

My mother loves animals
She is so kind
She has a sweet voice
She has a clear mind.
I love my Ma
She scolds me though
I know, she tells me for my good
I care for her so.
My mother teaches me songs
She reads me stories of elves
Also she guides me to paint
And what not else!
She longs for a puppy
Its hair should be brown
She wants to name her Tuppy
But she doesn't find it in the town.
My Ma cooks food for me
She drives our car
To get vegetables from the market
And my favourite Choco-bar.
My mother loves her family
Her life is full of glee
I remain with her even
When she’s miles away from me.

Tree is My Best Friend by Ishani Sarkar

Tree is my best friend.
I wish I could
Share my things with others-
Like fruits, flowers and wood.

While sitting under its shade
Tree makes me feel,
“Sharing is fun” and
“Love nature, please don’t kill”.

I share my secret with it
Sitting in its shade.
Tree hugs me with its arms
When my tears are shed.

Tree gives me pencil,
Tree gives me paper,
Tree gives me fresh air,
Tree gives me eraser.

My mother tells me to
Hug my tree,
Whenever I’m happy,
Whenever I’m free.


Moon by Aarit Ahuja

Earth has a little moon,
Whose face is white as snow.
And everywhere that earth went,
The moon was sure to go.
It followed earth till morn one day,
Which he had never done.
He did not even realize,
That he had blocked the sun.
This made the sun so very mad,
The moon fought too, and that was bad.
Earth thought that fighting wasn’t right.
We need two kings to give us light.
Since then, sun is the king of day
And moon the king of night.

Traffic Traffic Everywhere by Aarit Ahuja

Traffic traffic everywhere
Nobody has time to spare,
Cars go here, cars go there,
Cars go everywhere
Policeman is always busy
He must be very dizzy
Standing in the hot hot sun
Directing traffic one by one.

My Big Brother by Sameekshya Pani

His eyebrows joined, his eyelashes big
His nose is like that of a pig
Triumphantly stands a pimple on that
And he is a little fat
His lips are of a color - baby pink
And he looks cute when he does blink
But do you know why he catches all eyes
All because he is very very nice
His ways are different and super cool
He always has, his own rule
And this is a fact no other
He is a super dude
My Big Brother

She by Sameekshya Pani

Lost in thoughts is she sitting here
Slips off her cheek a silent tear
This state of her I am unable to bear
As to my heart she is very dear
Never so gloomy she've been had
The nature too seems to be sad
Even the daisy droops its head
And roses cry upon their bed
A lonely star glimmers in the sky
The wind gives a painful sigh
I watch this by a willow tree
Which also sheds a tear upon me
Unfocused are her once twinkling eyes
In a state of stupor there she lies
As I stand here and I see
It really really pains me....

Where are you My Friend? by Sameekshya Pani

I searched the valley
I searched the hillside
I searched at sunset
I searched at daylight
I searched by the river
I searched by the trees
I asked the birds
I questioned the bees
I climbed up the mountains
I ran across the plains
Even when the sun was harsh
Even when there was rain
I asked the daisies
I asked the sunflowers
I looked up at the moon
I stared at the stars
I cried to the day
I cried to its light
I even cried to the
Shadows of the night.
I requested to my mind
I requested to my soul
To tell my heart why
I was left here alone
Is everything over?
Did everything end?
Will I never ever see you?
Where are you my friend?

My Expression by Anwesha Sahu

I always wonder,
If I do any blunder,
How will I express my feelings?
By singing,
By dancing,
Or maybe by writing,
I’d prefer singing,
And a bit of writing,
I’d write out my words,
Loads and loads,
About my feelings,
All day long,
And then I’d make a tune,
For my song,
That I’ll sing,
All day long,
I’ll say:
“I’ll be strong,
All day long,
No matter what,
I’ll never despair,
Although I used to wonder,
About my blunders,
Now I know my mistake,
Which I shall correct!!

The Boy Down the Road by Anwesha Sahu

The boy down the road,
Has a smile that’s always broad,
He puts a smile on everyone’s face,
And ties every little boy’s shoe lace,
He never lets anyone cry,
But gives them a smiling try,
So he goes on,
Keeping a smile that’s always broad,
Putting a smile on everyone’s face,
Tying every little boy’s shoe lace,
And never letting anyone cry !!!

The Ships by Anwesha Sahu

Daily I see the ships,
Passing by my window,
They’re so huge and beautiful
I can hardly take my eyes off.
Some huge auto-liners,
Some huge oil tankers,
Some huge carrying containers,
Loaded with our stuff.
And sometimes big Navy ships,
For our protection,
All make our lives easier.
They are a celebration!

Oh! That Summer! by Arsh Singhal

Now that summer is here,
We have nothing to fear!

We could ride our bicycles,
And lick tasty icicles.
We could relax in the shade,
And have some lemonade.

Sit under the trees,
Enjoy the breeze.
And to beat the heat,
There is ice-cream to eat.

You could go to the beach with your mom and dad,
And build big castles with all that sand.
Maybe even go to the zoo,
See there is so much to do!!

There is even more, and more, and more fun to do.
Well, that's what you will get, now that summer is here!!

We Should Be Hardworking by Arsh Singhal

Do you know about hardworking animals?
One of them is camels.
They carry people all around the desert,
And in return get no treat like a dessert.

Do you know about a hardworking animal?
This is flyable.
Yes! You’re right, birds.
I can only describe them with some hardworking words.
They work all day, that’s what I say.
They build their own nest, without taking rest.
They can fly high till an aero plane in the sky,
Or who knows they can fly even high.

Do you know about a hardworking insect?
Who like eating the food they collect.
Yes! They are the ants,
Which have tiny hands.
They search for ambrosial foods,
Which after eating, create joyful moods.
They also search for divine goods,
Which they like to eat in their childhoods.
They eat whatever they get,
It doesn’t matter whether it is dry or wet.

Do you know about a hardworking insect?
When it gets angry, there is nobody to protect.
Yes! It’s bees, you are correct.
Bees collect honey,
Doesn’t matter if it is cold or very sunny.
They guard their honey,
From humans, who steal it to make money.

All other living creatures are hardworking,
Now why don’t you start being hardworking?

Golden and Silver Inspiration by Aditi Dwivedy

I lay here on the green, healthy grass.
Listening to the chirping of the birds
and rustling of the red and green leaves
To the sound of the rabbits
hopping to their burrow
and a deer cuddling
next to a tree
getting ready to sleep.
I watch as flowers began to close,
and the humming of bees stop.
I watch as the sun gives
its grand finale for the day,
the shooting of colors across the sky
that paint the clouds.
I watch
as the golden helmet sinks
into its bed,
getting ready to once again
display its beautiful show,
hoping to pass on its determination.
As it sinks, I see the moon.
The silver knight
slowly rises
and as each moment passes,
it rises higher, and higher,
until it reaches its goal.
Then, it very slowly starts sinking
it sinks down to have another dream,
another inspiration from the sun,
and another time to believe
in its self.
I lay there watching,
learning from the sun and moon
to believe, dream, and use inspiration
to reach my goal.
Finally, I slowly get up,
trying not to disturb the animals
as I make my way home.
I decide that tomorrow
I will go back, learn,
and the next day
I will try to reach my dreams.
With that I slowly sank
into a peaceful sleep with my dreams,
ready to achieve them
when I wake up.

Nightingale of Sound by Aditi Dwivedy

Through the air it swoops and flies
In the outdoor pretty skies
The nightingale has arrived

Heed its song
Its beck, its call
The nightingale has sung

Passes by the sharp
Eyes, beak, arms
Human or animal?
The nightingale is long gone

A flash of red
A streak of white
The dome of brown
The wings of might

Watch it as it flies
An inspiration to all those died
Memories of those loved
The music leaves most touched

The starry night hugs those within
Holds them close as a trill fills in

Emotions brought out are ones from deep
The gargles stay through dream sleep
Search for ones as the moons pass
The loneliness will not go just last

Through the air it swoops and flies
In the outdoor pretty skies
The nightingale has arrived

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