Garam Hawa - 1973


Have you seen this movie?

The other day, on YouTube, I saw this movie. It was very poignant, showing the post-partition plight of Muslims in India.

It is supposed to be Farooq Sheikh's first movie (his debut role) and Balraj Sahni's last movie (he died before the movie was released).

Some other well-known actors in this movie are Jamal Hashmi (father of the actresses Farah and Tabu), A.K. Hangal, Jalal Agha and Yunus Parvez.

It also has Gita Siddharth Kak (wife of Siddharth Kak, the producer and presenter of the 1990s popular Television show Surabhi). Gita recently passed away on 14th Dec 2019.

Shaukat Kaifi (wife of the noted Urdu poet Kaifi Azmi and mother of the famous actress Shabana Azmi) who left this world on 22nd Nov 2019, also plays a pivotal role in this movie.

This captivating film won 3 Filmfare awards in 1975 for Best Dialogue, Best Screenplay and Best Story. 

It's really worth a watch. So if and when you have the time, please see. It runs for 2 hours and 10 mins and there are no Ads in this movie. Because it is on YouTube, you can always watch in parts (with pause and play) if you don't have the time to sit thru the whole two hours.

That's all my sharing for now.

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