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I strongly believe in this Quote because I believe if you cannot share and smile with your loved ones at home, there's no point in masquerading a happy face outside as if all's well.

So whatever I share with you through my Boloji blogs and posts on Twitter and Linked-In, I always make it a point to share those with my family i.e. with my 3 R...s (Raj - my son, Rupa - my daughter, Ratan - my husband).

Be it news, quotes, pix, poems or songs.....

Sometimes I customise it too as per their needs.....because my 3 R...s have some similar tastes and in some cases, their tastes differ.

Hence, some news item might interest my daughter more, so I share it only with her.

Likewise, my son may find some other news item useful for his weekly radio show, so I share that with him.

My hubby may be interested in some other happening or event, and so I share it with him.

But in many cases, all the three get the same email from me, sharing the same news story.

Living with them for so many years, I know what caters to their interest and likewise I share news feeds with them.

It all paves the way for some enriching debates and discussions in our house, be it science, politics, religion, culture, society, history, music, art, literature, education, research, etc.

There is always something to talk about perhaps a nice quote that touches us all....or a topic that holds our attention and motivates us to read, reflect and discuss more....

There are agreements and disagreements because we all are different but we still find a common ground to live with each other's beliefs.

My children don't understand much Hindi, still they listen to the songs I play. Likewise, I'm not much into western music, but I always lend my ear to what they have to play.

Despite not understanding the lyrics, some songs we really enjoy, because the music is very groovy.

Hence, this shared world of ours exists and helps us co-exist in this smallest social unit of the world that we call Family :-)

So next time, you go outside grinning, don't forget to share your smiles with your loved ones at home, for a happy home makes a happy world.

Love and Warmth,
Yours ever, Aparna


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