Father and Son

Last year, I made a playlist on his son.

This year, I thought of making a playlist on him and so I did....

I really enjoyed making this playlist as some very beautiful songs have been picturised on him and his co-stars.

He's now 67 years old, and has recently come back from USA after a prolonged treatment for cancer.

In fact, even now, he's not so healthy as he's in hospital undergoing therapy for suspected Pneumonia.

I wish he recovers well. The latest movie I saw of his was 102 Not Out with Amitabh Bachchan. Both of them acted very well.

His wife Neetu Singh is also a very talented actress and has co-starred with him in many movies.

No wonder, their son Ranbir Kapoor has been so successful as an actor. It's all in the genes....

That's a lot of Blogging for now.

Leaving you with this latest playlist on the romantic songs of Rishi Raj Kapoor, also known to us as Rishi Kapoor.



Happy Romancing and have a lovely 14th February - Valentine's Day.


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