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Yeh Akashvani Hai…’

Waking up to the soft melodic sweet welcoming tones in the gleaming morning; the leisurely euphonious tunes accompanied by soft voices harmoniously attuned to produce an everlasting soothing effect on the widespread audience across the nation.

Waiting for Binaka Sangeetmala and overwhelmed by the enchanting voice of Ameen Sayani…..growing up in the 80s was magical! Memory seemed pretty well, unlike today’s smart generation’s memory,  as each one of us remembered precisely on which ‘paydaan’ the particular song stood the previous week; rejoicing the upgrading of the favourite actor’s songs and awaiting the next week’s broadcast praying for the song to advance further.

Ah! The news time….how can one forget! ‘Yeh akashvani hai….aur ab aap Devki Nandan Pandey se samachaar suniye…’ And what a soothing non-dramatic balanced voice….something to cherish forever. Ramanuj Prasad Singh’s deep relaxed voice lingers on in our hearts even to this day. And how much one loved the cuckoo-sounding sweet voice of the legendary Indu Wahi!

The special programme for the military personnel 'Sainik Bhayiyon ke liye' with vigour filled songs overflowing with patriotism and sarificial fervour was a bliss for our men securing the borders in the extreme conditions one could hardly imagine. The evergreen melodious euphonious tunes of the evergreen songs float in our memories.

There came 26th January…..the steady gentle non-rushing Jasdev Singh’s live commentary of the parade….right from the India Gate…..filled each citizen with pride and honour for the country. His expertise in sports commentary was incomparable …..who wanted a live telecast when the audio itself produced a satisfying visual effect?

When in 1942, Joseph Schumpeter coined the term ‘Creative Destruction’, one could hardly imagine the actual effects of the terminology when put to practical usage. The revolutionary changes in the broadcasting services took drastic twists and turns, changing the face of broadcasting beyond recognition! The slow steady soft voices being replaced by fast dramatic ones. The golden era of All India Radio saw a deep labefaction.

24th December 2018….the voice of Akashvani silenced forever….no more humming reverberation….no more echoing….no more…

Yeh Akashvani hai…..’

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