The Blue Bird

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প্ৰপঞ্চা বৰুৱা

নীলা চৰাই

মৃত উশাহত যেতিয়া
চৌদিশ আন্ধাৰ হৈ পৰে...
ডেউকাৰে ডাৱৰ ফালি
এটি নীলা চৰাই উৰি আহে..
পলাশৰ ঠোঁটত কামুৰি লৈ আহে
এটি সঞ্জীৱনী কণা।।
নিয়ৰ সেমেকা নিৰ্জীৱ
বননিত পৰি সঞ্জীৱনী কণাটি
এটি মুকুতা হয়,
মৃত্যুয়ে সাৰ পাই,
আন্ধাৰবোৰ নিমিষতে নোহোৱা হয়।।


When all fluorescent dreams die in darkness
A blue bird flaps its wings
through the thick cloud to hover around me
In its Palash lips it fetches
a splash of animating vigour
In the dew drenched yet lifeless wood
the elixir drop turns to a pearl
Death is rejuvenated to life’s Fest
Darkness evaporates in an instant

Original poem by Prof Prapancha Boruah in Assamese
Translated in English by Dr Ratan Bhattacharjee

More By  :  Prof. Prapancha Boruah

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Comment I am so happy to see your creative platform registered with Boloji. This is one of the most popular and powerful portal that regularly features articles poems stories and perceptive reflection of hundreds of eminent authors and writers and poets and citizen journalist. I t is really a good opportunity to write in this portal your Assamese poems essays and short stories or any autobiographical thoughts and your reaction to an event. Congrats and best wishes Prapancha Boruah for your creative fecundity. Keep on writing .
Dr Ratan Bhattacharee
Associate Professor and Head Post graduate Dept of English Dum Dum Motijheel College and Columnist cum poet

Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee
06-Jun-2020 02:36 AM

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