Wonderful Article on Love

It says how your Definition of Love is wrong if you

1) Equate Someone’s “Need” for You as Love

2) Believe that Love Validates You

3) Believe that Love should be Unconditional

4) Think that Love should Last Forever

5) Believe that Love should come Without Cost

Laura Miolla explains why and how in this insightful article.

She also says that

Attention is not love. Service is not love. Sacrifice is not love. Obligation is not love.

The idea of unconditional love is probably the most insidious and damaging myth of all time.

A marriage is love that lasts a lifetime, though you better enjoy the honeymoon period, because it won’t last.

Everything in life is a cycle. Birth. Life. Death. And the same is true with relationships. They are constantly changing and evolving.

And how could they not, when the world is constantly changing and evolving? When you are constantly changing and evolving?

Your preferences, goals and desires change over time with experience. So, thinking your relationship will last forever is also unrealistic.

Love is earned through respect, appreciation, vulnerability and dedicated care. When you give them to yourself first, others have to treat you in kind to earn them from you in return.

It was really enriching for me to know her unique perspective on Love.

And if you want to know more about her, you need to click here

Happy Knowing :-)

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