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What Really Holds Relationships Together?

No, It's Not Love :-)

Yes, that is what Jeffrey Bernstein believes when he says:

In over 30 years as a psychologist, I have never had an adult look back at their childhood and complain that their parents were too understanding. And similarly, I have met many divorced people who still love each other but never really understood each other. My point is that many relationships have broken up and marriages have been torn apart not because the partners didn’t love each other but because they didn’t understand one another. Love without understanding will wilt like flowers without water. If you can't take your partner's perspective, then love has limited shelf life.

He also adds:

To say that relationships are difficult is an understatement. Relationships can be complicated and messy. Understanding the emotions of others is not always simple, but is not impossible. You don’t need to understand people to love them, but you need to understand them to build a lasting relationship.

Well, you can gauge the rest of what he says in this article that he so beautifully writes

And if you want to know more about him, here is his profile page

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