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Head & Shoulders Sensitive Scalp Shampoo

It's really worth a try :-)

As UK has been in and out of various kinds of lockdowns because of Coronavirus, many of our regular items have been out of stock in the supermarkets because of irregular deliveries of their supplies.

We've gone through months of rationing as supermarkets allow us to make limited number of purchases.

During one such lockdown, I couldn't get the shampoo that I usually use

I had to use some other shampoo of some other brand that was also a sensitive shampoo but nowhere near to the H&S shampoo that I use.

I realised that the shampoo was very watery, not much foam, it kept sliding down my head as it was slippery like a thin liquid and if by chance any of that liquid got into my eyes, it left a stinging sensation (as compared to the H&S sensitive scalp shampoo which didn't give me any such reaction).

Moreover, that other shampoo left tangles in my hair and my hair was so sticky, rough and gluey whenever I combed it for quite a few days of having used that shampoo.

It was so uncomfortable combing my hair and I was really waiting for my regular shampoo to come back in stock and I was so glad it did :-)

This Head & Shoulders Sensitive Scalp Shampoo leaves my hair feeling so soft, silky and shiny and when I use it, it's so lathery, gives a good foam and most importantly doesn't keep slipping and sliding through my visage because it's a thick foam.

It stays in place till I wash it all off, sparing me the uncomfortable action of frequently washing my face and eyes to clean off the shampoo that I endured with that other runny liquid that the supermarket was selling as a sensitive shampoo.

The H&S shampoo left my hair tangle-free and chemically, it doesn't have any parabens, phosphates and colourants.

It's my favourite shampoo and whenever I get a deal / discount, I buy it in bulk just in case it again vanishes during future lockdowns.

That's why I recommend this product to you and I hope you like it as much as I do :-)

Happy washing :-)


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