Have you heard of him?

He is Philip Galanes

Usually in many newspapers and magazines, we come across agony-aunt columns wherein people ask questions relating to their personal problems and there's a lady (agony aunt) who gives suggestions and advice regarding how to resolve those problems and issues.

But here is a man, rather an agony uncle, and he's really good at giving advice.

I follow his columns, his series of Q&As with the various readers of The New York Times and how intelligently and sometimes very humorously, he tells them what to do to get out of the mess they are in.

His way of responding to them is very interesting and I love the way he counsels them with his unique way of thinking.

He's marvellous in expressing himself and getting his thoughts across to his readers and has a really superb vocabulary.

Here are some of his erudite writings.

Have a read when you can.


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