Have you tried these ?!

Haldiram's Habshi Halwa and Haldiram's Peda :-)

Both are nice and delicious milk sweets.

I wouldn't have preferred so many nuts in a single slice of sweet. So the Halwa is a bit too nutty for me but nevertheless, very tasty :-)

It's rich and refined and so you can have it once in a while.

The Peda doesn't have too many ingredients as the Halwa. It's nice and soft and simple and melty and yes, it too is very tasty :-)

I'm mentioning these 2 sweets to you so that you can treat your loved ones with these Mithais on Valentine's Day (14th Feb) and when they savour the flavour of the Halwa and the Peda, they'll thank you and say: Wah-Wah :-)

Hope you enjoy your Wah-Wah moments with them.

Best wishes from me to you for Valentine's Day :-)


More By  :  Aparna Chatterjee

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