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Standing here at the brink of a new beginning, I would like to share with you the concept of active Hope, which I learnt from a book by the same name, written by Joanna Macey. There is no doubt that 2021 has been a challenging year for humankind. Some of the scenes, figures and news that we experienced this year have been surreal and deeply traumatic. Heartfelt sympathy for those who lost their loved ones, went through illness, loss of livelihood, suffered anxieties or were affected in any other physical or emotional way. As we welcome a new dawn, we all hope that 2022 will be more joyful and bring us more freedom, growth and wellness as individuals and as a society. Rather than just crossing our fingers for this to happen, the idea of active hope encourages us to introspect upon what I can do to contribute towards kindling this hope within me and in others- what is it that I can bring to this party to make it a success? Simply hoping may or may not work, but if each one of us brought our own little offering to make this place and this year a tiny bit sweeter, even the stars would come down to light our path. What will you bring?

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