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Dr. Suruchi Arora
Reading,United Kingdom

A practicing Doctor in the UK, I recently rediscovered my love for writing and poetry. My first collection of poems "Snowdrops" is inspired by my reconnection with my deeper self through meditation, creative arts and walking in Nature. Born and raised in an intellectual and humble family in New Delhi, I spent my formative years in focussed attention and dedication to personal and social aspirations. As leaves of life turned their colour, the subtle yet unfathomable gap between accomplishment and Bliss became very palpable to me. This void took me on a journey of inner alchemy, from which sprouted my first book, "Find Yourself", which shares with readers snippets of this journey and inspires them to live a life of deeper meaning. I devote my medical practice to the principle that "there is more to healing people than treating their medical condition". Through my writings, I hope to inspire readers to a life of trust and stillness.

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