This month while publishing Swaminathan Ji's poem - A Song On....

One of my favourite songs came to me as his poem was themed on Tears and this song is based on Tears.

This beautiful song is sung by Kumar Sanu, music is by Nadeem-Shravan and lyrics are by Sameer.

In this song, I love the way the guitar strings play and the words of this song are really very touching.

Swaminathan Ji has been an active contributor on Boloji for many years.

I always look forward to what he writes be it a poem, blog or article as he writes well and many of his writings are enjoyable.

Though I never comment on his posts, but the ones I like, I share those on my Linkedin and Twitter feeds for others to read, and to update my News Atom e-paper as both the feeds are linked to my newspaper.

That's all I had to blog for now.

Here's the song....see if it tugs at you.



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