Musical Ensemble

This song is so enriching, whenever I hear this song, it makes me feel as if a musical ensemble has created this song.

There is so much of music in this song, so many different kinds of musical instruments playing in this song.

It has been sung by Adnan Sami and Lata Mangeshkar, music is by Adnan Sami and lyrics are by Sameer.

Though this song is not my favourite, yet I like it because of its music and lyrics.

I like the way it starts, the way it ends and the music in between. This song is so rich in music.

And long after I've heard it, its music will keep following me, as if wanting me to listen to it again.

This song is from the 2005 movie - Lucky: No Time for Love

This movie was made in Russia. It was released in English, Hindi and Russian.

The other songs in this film are also quite nice but this song is unique because of its orchestra.

Now, let me leave you with this melodious song.




Happy Listening :-)


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