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Most of these quotes are based on the frank expressions of some people who have the courage and honesty to share with us their innermost thoughts and feelings - Kudos to them for being so brave, open and candid. I admire their forthrightness and their ability to show us their true selves without masking themselves in facades and disguises.

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. - Stephen Hawking

Always work with people you know you are going to have a good time with, because while you are making a movie you are also living life, making memories and creating experiences. - Shah Rukh Khan

With age, people get into retrospection. You think about how you’ve spent your life. I look back at all the mistakes that I’ve made, and all the things I’ve done right. And I realise that there’s very little that I’ve done right. There’s a lot that I’ve done not so right… I don’t think I’ve treated some people very fairly in my life, even though I didn’t mean to. I could have been a better human being, I could have been a better partner, I could’ve been a better son, a better person, a better student. I fell short, I wouldn’t say on some counts, but on all counts. - John Abraham

I think there are degrees of love. But certainly, for one to be fully happy, I think you have to be happy at work and happy in love. So, I suppose I’m medium happy. - Elon Musk

All I want to do is kiss you until I fall asleep. I want to slide in between your sheets, and find out what goes on inside your head, and underneath your clothes. I want to make a fool of myself over you. - Sally Thorne

My way of life, my way of thinking and my approach towards work is not the optimum way to be in the film industry. To be a lead actor, there is a need for a certain mindset, drive and aggression, and I don’t have that. - Arshad Warsi

I am apolitical. Do I understand politics? I probably understand it more than anybody, I understand everything in this country and probably in the world, because I read so much. Am I politically inclined? The answer is absolutely not. - John Abraham

I feel like I’d spent my life chasing my dreams and trying to fulfil them. But during this journey, I didn’t pay attention to my loved ones. My daughter is now 23. I am sure she must have missed my presence in her life when she was younger. She will have had her own anxieties, fears, dreams and hopes. I wasn’t there for her, I know this now. I didn’t know her dreams and fears and hopes, but I knew the fears and dreams and hopes of my directors. - Aamir Khan

I have survived, I’ve not lived. Either you exist, or you live. When you live, you appreciate life. And there are times when I’ve lived, and I’ve appreciated life and I’ve woken up smiling. But the rest of the time, I’ve survived. I’ve given away pieces of myself, I’ve kind of kept my head above the water. - John Abraham

Quiet people have the loudest minds. - Stephen Hawking

I'm not comfortable with all this. I'm not comfortable with walking the red carpet in a tuxedo and seeing all the women with their boobs pushed up and all the men dressed as penguins. - William McChord Hurt (American Actor)

I have seen so much in life that I can’t laugh anymore. - Syed Ishtiaq Ahmed Jaffrey (Jagdeep)

I used to drink sometimes, but I don’t anymore. Some people take two pegs and they are sorted. But I was never one of those who drank regularly. I used to drink on occasions, but whenever I did sit down to drink, I would down the entire bottle. And I felt that was not okay. And when you are intoxicated, you do or say certain things which you later regret. Not that anything major has happened like that until now, but the fact that a person is no longer under their own control, that didn’t sit well with me. - Aamir Khan

I am just a child who has never grown up. I still keep asking these 'how' and 'why' questions. Occasionally, I find an answer. - Stephen Hawking

She is my wife but I call her my girlfriend because you must always treat them as equal. The minute you say wife, husbands think she's a slave who must serve you but she is in no way inferior to me, in fact she is superior to me sometimes. - Pataabi Raman

I have a theory. Hating someone feels disturbingly similar to being in love with them. I've had a lot of time to compare love and hate, and these are my observations. Love and hate are visceral. Your stomach twists at the thought of that person. The heart in your chest beats heavy and bright, nearly visible through your flesh and clothes. Your appetite and sleep are shredded. Every interaction spikes your blood with adrenaline, and you're in the brink of fight or flight. Your body is barely under your control. You're consumed, and it scares you. Both love and hate are mirror versions of the same game. - Sally Thorne (The Hating Game)

Somewhere I didn’t shoulder my responsibilities. I would start with my parents, my siblings, my first wife - Reena ji, Kiran ji, Reena’s parents, Kiran’s parents, my children, all these people I am talking about are my close ones. I couldn’t give them time the way I wanted to. I have given all my time to my work and I made that relationship very strong. I thought my family was with me anyway.  I just wanted to win the hearts of the audience at the time. And, I got completely lost, so much so that I forgot my family was waiting for me. - Aamir Khan

Ships at a distance have every man's wish on board. - Zora Neale Hurston

One of the basic rules of the universe is that nothing is perfect. Perfection simply doesn't exist.....Without imperfection, neither you nor I would exist. - Stephen Hawking

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