How do you have it?

Lick it, bite it and gobble it ASAP lest it melts?!

Well, I also do when I'm feeling really thirsty and want to have a popsicle i.e. an ice or a fruit lolly.

But there's another way of having it that I really enjoy and it keeps me going all through the day....

So next time, if you are feeling hot on a blazing summer day, get a big mug and get some small 35 ml fruit lollies of various flavours - orange, lemon, apple, strawberry, pineapple, blackcurrant, blueberry, elderberry, etc. i.e. a variety of fruit lollies.

Invert these 35 ml sticks into the mug i.e. keep them upside down and let them melt. When they are semi-solid, you can mix them for all the flavours to blend well and have them as slush or you can wait for them to become totally liquid and when they've completely melted, you can enjoy them as a nice, cold juice drink.

I usually keep six 35 ml fruit lollies in a mug and it lasts me for a long time as I keep taking small sips and it refreshes me throughout the day. Sometimes I add a dash of carrot and raspberry juice to the mixture but remember it only needs to be a very small quantity, don't overdo it with the 'dash' or it will be too sweet and you won't like it.

No need to keep the mug of melting lollies in the fridge to have a cold drink. Keep it in a cool, dark place away from sunlight. Cover it with a lid so that it's clean for you to drink.

That's all I had to share for now.

Happy Trying :-)




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