Last weekend, I and hubby went for another driving holiday from 5th May till 8th May. We started on Friday morning and returned on Monday evening. All through our long drives, we received such rejuvenating green therapy for our tired eyes that we really felt blessed to be in this beautiful country full of greenery.

Our final destination was about 350 miles from our place in Essex.
It was Land's End in Sennen in the Cornish town of Penzance in the Penwith district of Cornwall.

To reach there, we drove through the counties of Kent, Surrey, Hampshire, Dorset and Devon.
While returning from Cornwall to our home in Essex, we took a slightly different route, driving through Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire.

The views were splendid. We were treated with rolling hills, meadows and valleys, lakes and rivers, flora and fauna, dense forests, magnificent trees, beautiful flowers, gorgeous cliffs and the blue-green seas.

In Cornwall, we stayed in Land's End hotel.

In Dorset, we stayed in the Royal Hotel.

Both are 3-star hotels but we found the Land's End hotel to be more plush and posh. Though we didn't get a sea-view room, but the room was clean, bed was comfy, there was room service and this hotel had free parking.

In the Royal Hotel, Weymouth where we stayed one night while going to Cornwall and another night while returning to Essex, we were fortunate to get sea-view rooms. But this hotel doesn't have any parking and we had to look around for nearby car parks in the town centre. The rooms could do with some more cleaning and there was also no room service. But we enjoyed the sea-views and for me being a sea-lover, it was painful to leave the hotel when it was time to depart as I was feeling the pain of separation from my beloved sea. It was a bit too senti for me.

We got all kinds of weather during our journey - it was rainy, sunny, windy, cloudy, foggy, warm as well as cold. In UK, the weather varies greatly and often in one day, you can get all the four seasons :)

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That's all I had to share for now.


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