25 years of Google, 25 years of us :-)

Google is celebrating its 25th Birthday today.

This year, we also complete 25 years of us i.e. me and hubby having a silver jubilee of our wedding anniversary with 25 years of togetherness.

Our court marriage was in August 1998 and our social wedding with all customs, rituals and guests was in December of that year.

When my in-laws hosted our wedding reception, my father-in-law had sincerely requested all guests not to bring any gifts except good wishes and blessings.

Some of them didn't heed his words and gifted us cash, the following week, my father-in-law went and returned all the money.

He was also a staunch opponent of dowry and so no demands were made on my parents.

I'm deeply bonded to my mother-in-law who's a sweet and simple lady with a heart of gold.

My husband is blessed to have such good parents who've always been loving and caring towards him. Like his mother, he's also a gentle, noble soul.

Now let me move on to appreciate Google as it's Google's special day today and I'm thankful to Google for Gmail, Photos, Android, Search, Apps, News, Blogger, YouTube and all the other useful tools Google has given us to make our lives easy.

Long live Google and its Doodle :-)

Once again, let me say - Happy Birthday Google !!!


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