Yoga - A Companion for Life

I learnt yoga in 2004. Back then, I didn’t know that yoga would become a part of my life – my companion forever. All thanks to my yoga guru Shri. U. Sadasiva Rao garu and my mother Smt. A. Vimala Devi, who constantly motivates me in doing yoga. But why choose yoga over other forms of exercise? I have tried my hands here and there such as treadmill, aerobics, walking, etc., but I didn’t find any exercise as wholesome as yoga - that which involves the synchronization of both body and mind. Although the spiritual aspects are noteworthy, I shall focus on the physical and the psychological wellbeing of practicing yoga. Let us leave the spiritual aspects for the well versed.

The practice of any form of exercise should be consistent, regular, and must be practiced on a regular basis. My encounter with yoga has often been a bitter sweet relationship. Although there is an urge to practice regularly and daily without fail, as usual, laziness – an intrinsic human nature takes over the better of me and I fail to do it. Nevertheless, whenever I do it (I make sure to do it more than often) I feel good and better than what I was feeling the previous day. The benefits of doing yoga are manifold, we are told. From my experience, in very simple terms I can vouch that my body feels light and active and my mind agile and sensible. I feel good about myself, my existence, and about being just me with no faking. I feel in good shape and in good mood :)

Any exercise is of utmost importance for all – young and old, men and women alike. But, we housewives cum mothers take our health for granted. We keep running this ‘machine’ as long as we can and stretch it as far as we can. Husband, kids, in-laws, household chores, kids’ education, one after the other! So, where do we have time for ourselves? For self-care? Indulging in any sort of self-care makes us feel guilty, unfortunately. We perceive it as a waste of time…alas! Only when some illness hits us hard, we realize. Till then, we keep on dragging ourselves to the best of our abilities, to the best we can. It is here that yoga comes handy.

It is just that we have to, we have to, get up a little earlier than our usual waking hours – where there is quiet, peace, and no hustle and bustle. Just some time for ourselves. Some basic asana will do. Some quick-fix yoga will also do – but do it. Where there is movement of the body in sync with the mind, wonder ought to manifest. The simple reason may be the blood flow or the stillness of the mind, it could be any reason, positive. It is just that you feel good. That’s about it. Initially, aligning the mind with the body is challenging. It is not easy. Our mind goes haywire. You think of many things – past, present, and future, all that in that mere one hour. It feels like of all the time in the day, that is the only time when your mind feels occupied and full with so many things but, that’s ok. Don’t be harsh with yourself. Keep it easy. Just keep pulling yourself back and keep doing yoga as I said that the benefits are manifold. It is just that you keep doing it daily and consistently, WITHOUT FAIL!

Be it yoga, or a cup of tea or coffee, or reading a book – just keep some time for yourselves and enjoy the quiet time. Make yourself your best companion. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

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Comments on this Blog

Comment A yoga enthusiast myself, reading your blog was a pleasure for me. Your language is direct, simple and lucid. It reminded me of the parables through which the wise speaks so that the layman could easily grasp the wisdom. You have succinctly conveyed that Yoga is integral to one's life as it integrates the body, the mind, and the spirit.

14-May-2024 19:18 PM

Comment Wow Nivi.. I didn’t knew you write so well.
Worth reading, as mother I was able to relate with many points you covered. Keep writing ✍️

Srishti Singh
13-May-2024 00:28 AM

Comment Congratulations Nivi!
As your husband, I am so happy to see your blog after a long time.
Truly inspirational as the mental and physical health of mothers are of utmost priority.

12-May-2024 23:17 PM

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