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Recently, one of my pals sent me this Link of his Fav. interviewer - USHI. It set me pondering....
So I did some memory-jogging and found that my one and only Fav. interviewer is Riz Khan on Al-Jazeera TV.
He gives a lot of space and time to the interviewee to speak out his mind 'n' heart instead of constantly interfering like many interviewers do, as if they want to do all the talking....and have called the interviewees for all the hearing ! LOL :D
This is one of the best interviews I've ever seen. Riz Khan interviewing King Khan.
Part - I
Part - II
All thru the interview, I couldn't take my eyes off SRK, as he is just too good a speaker - how very eloquent and wonderful is his diction, so is his expression.
Watch it - You'll thank me for it !
If you like it, go watch Riz Khan's all "One on One" shows - you'll remember me for it :)

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