Remembering the Nation

Sixtyfive years back, the nation became independent from the British raj on 15th August 1947. Ever since the occasion is celebrated with grandeur and galore within the country and abroad (wherever Indians live). Since my adolescence and teenager days, I was always driven by euphoria to join festivities with high national sentiments.

I recall at a crucial juncture of my own professional career, I had an impending dilemma viz., having successfully done a doctorate in the science discipline, whether to pursue a career with the post doctoral research work at one of the most sought after destination abroad those days or to join civil service to work within and for the country. Those days prospects were not so bright in the majority of organizations. However, it goes without saying that I decided to stay back to join civil service and make my own bit of contribution within my area of work for the country.

Only today I have received a mail from one of the old colleagues highlighting glory of India largely citing achievements of Indians serving abroad which inter alia include a high percentage of Indian doctors, scientists and technocrats particularly in multinational companies and US Institutions such as NASA, Microsoft, IBM etc. It is indeed glorious but sad part is that many of us, while glorifying it, fail to consider the significant progress made within country and contribution of such Indian nationals.

We are all aware that the country is besieged with the problems like unemployment, corruption and poverty, yet the country has made significant progress in various fields and an all round development over the years. It wouldn't be exaggeration to say or claim that the nation has a clear agenda for self reliance in critical areas with sustained growth and development programmes and will be emerging as a mighty nation and a force to reckon with in International forum in a few decades from now.

Looking at the entire globe as single entity with universal brotherhood could indeed be a dream vision and ultimate goal of humanity but fact remains that the majority men, irrespective of nationality, are mediocre with their own limited ends, vision and, of course, goal in life. In such a scenario, perhaps first loyalty and priority remains our own motherland and nation and I am not shy to concede that I am no exception.

To my mind, the best tribute to our motherland and nation would be that whatever we talk or expect from others, we should actually follow and implement it in our own case.

More By  :  Dr. Jaipal Singh

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