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September 1, 1999, I started the website as a single page containing translation and explanation of the Hindu Aarti "Om Jai Jagdish Hare'.  The inspiration of initiating this actually resulted from an online chat on AOL that I had with Betty Sue.  Our chat from general talk lead to a discussion on Hinduism. 

After the first page, then came a few of my poems and I started writing on Kabir.  My wife, Meera, started writing articles on Family Matters.  Her articles have been an indirect dialogue with our children (who today are 33 and 32 and themselves parents) and also expressions of a mother based on her personal experience. 

Although in its infancy, Boloji to me personally became my third child.

Soon we started getting emails from a lot of people, commenting, encouraging and also showing interest to become a part of Boloji.  

It was in those very initial days when Boloji was still crawling, that people started joining hands with me to nurse the baby. Within the first two years, Boloji had published some excellent articles on the Indian Architecture, Vedic Astrology, Hinduism, Ayurveda, Family Matters and Individuality. Poetry section was another success.

My vocation or my qualifications have nothing to do with journalism, publishing or the complexities of web designing or web publishing. The only qualification I have for operating Boloji is my junoon of understanding the essense of Freedom of Expression.  An expression that helps us discover the grandeur of Liberty and the related rights and duties that come with it.

Also, I am not a writer, in true sense of the word.  I read more than what I write.  And I appreciate the writings of our contributing writers because they expand my limited knowledge and lead me to new horizons. 

The Hindi content of the site was gradually converted into Hindinest.Com and Ms Manisha Kulshreshtha became the independent incharge of the same. 

Gradually more and more categories were added on the site. 

In April 2005, Ms Aparna Chatterjee agreed to become our Poetry Editor and for the last seven plus years, she has helped in editing and presenting thousands of poems written by hundreds of amateur and professional poets.  My personal gratitude to her. 

In November 2006, Mr. Ramendra Kumar agreed to take responsibility of editing the writings by and for children and young adults.  He has done exceptionally good job. My sincere thanks to his wonderful efforts.

In 2010, we took another step of changing the interface of Boloji to a data-driven one and made it interactive.  This has helped in speedier publication of content.  While the site boasts of over 26,000 pages, over 9,000 pages were added during the last two years alone. 

Today, Boloji starts its 14th year.  

Boloji is now not just my child;  it is a large family of over 3000 contributing writers who have enriched Boloji by an excellent variety of content.  It is also interesting to note that the content that has been posted on our site is informative, educative and analytical. Our writers are professionals in their own fields of vocation and have enthusiastic willingness to share their expertise and experience.  I am indebted to all for their association with Boloji and having given me personally the experience of carrying a large family together.  

This blog should be considered as my personal note of gratitude to each and every individual Boloji writer. You all deserve more.

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Comment Dear Rajenderji, I should have put this a long time back. Better late than never. I love to be part of Boloji where in so many qualified writers have been penning interesting and specialised articles for years before I became one of the family. It is a great forum for varied expressions of opinions, structured and researched. Thanks and best wishes to you.

11/11/2014 00:41 AM

Comment Thank you Rajender, Your website has enabled the publishing of my research, which has given me life and joy. Many blessings...

Anonymousfor Prajapati
07/03/2013 00:48 AM

Comment Thank you Boloji for finding our voice and heard it across continents. Your selfless personal commitment to Boloji is what gives it an extra glow

09/23/2012 01:32 AM

Comment It has always been an honour for me to have been published by Boloji. I carry this site in my heart. I hope to be a part of it in the years to come and as the future unfolds, may it's sucess continue and grow. I also take the opportunity to thank Rajendraji and Aparna. Sincerely, Rani

rani turton
09/10/2012 10:02 AM

Comment Very many congratulations for achieving stunning success in a highly precious venture in a short time. May God bless you with fresh energy, enthusiasm and fine health to lead boloji on to glowing pinnacles!

Prof. R.K. Bhushan
09/06/2012 20:15 PM

Comment Congratulations. It has been a journey and I am sure Rajender when you look back every moment has been a memory. I loved your write-up which was from the heart and had so much sincerity and simplicity. I feel privileged to have my work published at ur site and look forward to many more contributions. To you and your team keep up the great work and wish you many more years of

Fatima Chowdhury
09/06/2012 03:36 AM

Comment Hearty congratulations, Rajender ji. The voice of boloji is loud and clear, and has been thevoice of many writers. The readership is vast, and there lies the success of this site. For example, a eight-line poem of mine 'Small wish' shows more than 2000 hits during the past two years. Magical, is it not!  I find many accomplished poets, writers and authors in this site. I feel proud  to be part of this site. Thank you, Rajender ji, Aparna ji and the boloji team.

Kumarendra Mallick
09/05/2012 08:03 AM

Comment Dear Rajendra Krishanji
I would call this as an intellectual site. It is an achievement that Boloji has entered 14th year. All good wishes

Suresh Mandan USA

09/04/2012 14:39 PM

Comment Dear Rajender,
Congratulations. More power to you. Hope grows into a major platform for healthy debates and creatie flowering.

Ramesh Menon
09/04/2012 13:01 PM

Comment Sir
I am very happy to know about the 14 long years journey of  Lots of Congratulations to you and your devoted team members. I wish Boloji to celebrate many more years to come under your worthy guidance!
I'm sorry for being out of touch from my Boloji family for sometime but now I'm back again!

09/04/2012 11:59 AM

Comment happy to note that is entering into a new year of its phase. As a poet,encouraged by the editor,i whole heartedly wish it agrand successin the ensuing days/months/years to come.

09/04/2012 08:19 AM

Comment Dear Rajender Krishenji, My Hearty Congratulations to you and all your team members on the eve of entering its 14th years. May it celebrate many many such happy returns under your leadership. Boloji has been a very good web magazine of standard content and it has lived upto its high standards it set for itself all these years. I have been a regular reader of your poetry section and I know how difficult a job it is yet, Aparna Chatterjee ably manages the editorial responsibility of that section. My personal congratulations to her as also to the Bolokids editor Mr. Ramendra Kumar. I also congratulate rest of your team members and contributors for making the Boloji what it is today... a respected and must to see magazine on the net. with very best wishes, NS Murty

09/04/2012 06:34 AM

Comment Dear Rajenderji,

I am two days late in congratulating you.You know why?I read almost everything that has been posted in the on-line journal.Amazing!! I had read somewhere that some critics have a doubt that William Shakespeare was not the name of a single man since it's impossible for one man to produce so much of work in his lifetime.They believe, perhaps, Shakespeare was the name of a company or a large group of people who had produced all that literary output together.

I am tempted to compare Mr.Rajender to Shakerpeare!!

Jokes apart, I congratulate and regard you from the core of my heart for your valuable service to the society.You have enriched the civilization by an inch in your own way.You have encouraged many writers and given them a platform to express themselves.

For me, boloji is family. One can see so many references and links to boloji in my blog. I am proud to be associated with you.My son also writes for
 Please keep up the good work.Congratulations to your wife and the the editorial team of boloji.

Dr.Nandini Sahu

Dr.Nandini Sahu
09/04/2012 06:34 AM


Thank you for initiating the concept of Boloji and for sustaining it through over a decade. Fourteen years is a long time. And for you to have lovingly nourished Boloji over this decade and a half is truly an achievement!  Congratulations to you and to Boloji and its remarkable band of committed contributors who have made Boloji grow into such a rich repository of creative writing. Here's to Boloji completing quarter of a century....soon enough :)

09/03/2012 22:30 PM

Comment  Congratulations.'s service to humanity is really great- covering an incredible variety of subjects/topics/concerns.Keep it up! We are with you.

Raja Mutthirulandi
09/03/2012 22:06 PM

Comment I am overwhelmed by the comments and compliments.
Thank you all for your support and making my day.

09/03/2012 18:19 PM

Dear Rajender, I congratulate you for steering Boloji in the right direction for the last decade and wish Boloji continued growth and success. i thank Boloji for keeping me write more and express my happiness to be a part of this ever-growing family.

V. Sankaran Nair
09/03/2012 14:17 PM

Comment Hearty congratulations to and its team led by Mr. Krishan, and best wishes for a great year ahead!

Vasant Gandhi
09/03/2012 13:25 PM

Comment Congratulations, too! - but the question of how such a mammoth operation is financed has not even been hinted at! - least of all in a request for donations!  The only possible source seems to be the income from advertisements!   That's a record number of exclamation marks, so I'll end with, Best wishes.

09/03/2012 13:13 PM

Comment  It is amazing to know that has completed 14 years of its successful existence in the cyber world. A great achievement indeed!!!.  I remember seeing it sometime in its infancy, and as I'm looking at it now, I can say that it has grown like a gigantic banyan tree, spreading its many branches to accommodate various types of writers, to share their ideas and thoughts to the world.

It is this site which gave me the necessary confidence to go ahead with my idea of starting a platform for Indian writers, especially for women, about 3 years ago. I'm very proud to be associated with

As an Admin myself, I can understand how much efforts Mr.Rajendranji and team will be taking behind the scene, to work the site so beautifully, providing valuable information to enrich the knowledge of the readers across the globe.

Best wishes for the continued growth of

Lakshmi Menon

Lakshmi Menon
09/03/2012 11:25 AM


It has been a great pleasure being associated with BOLOJI. The name BOLOJI itself motivates us to speak our hearts out and you have done a wonderful job in providing this outlet for all of us. We felt encouraged to share our thoughts and ideas and I personally have been greatly benefited by your platform. The way you and your wife started this venture and expanded its horizon speaks greatly about your labour and perseverance and I I congratulate both of you for this noble effort. May BOLOJI live longer than all of us and be a window for new ideas for all posterity.

Thanks once again and hearty congratulations !

Prem Verma 

Prem Verma
09/03/2012 09:49 AM

Comment  Congratulation! Completing 14 years in service for the people is an excellent work that you have you contributed for the people.  I have observed that many websites used to be down after 5 or more years. But it is great encouraging that you have keep the blog alive for the contributors and readers for 14 years. I pray that you may continue to serve the people this website. I find this website as a source of knowledge and information ; it has become like a Library as we can find various topics related to many issues. Please continue to keep the good worl. 

- Dr. Thohe Pou

Dr. Thohe Pou
09/03/2012 07:24 AM

Comment Wonderful! Keep up the good work...

Subhajit Ghosh
09/03/2012 07:18 AM

Comment it must be truly be a rewarding experieince to look back on how it started and how it has grown into such a movement.  i am proud to be part of the boloji family too, espcially since the site has so many hues and colors of human thought and achievement.
and i would like to have a copy of that translation of Om Jay JAgdish Hare, please.

Kusum Choppra
09/03/2012 02:20 AM

Comment Dear Bhai Raju, thanks for making Boloji happen for it helped and continues to help me in learning to listen to silence, bridge the solitude and look at myself without a mirror. God bless you and your family

Vidur Jyoti
09/03/2012 01:21 AM

Comment We are so happy to be a part of Boloji.It has already become part of academic/literary canon formation. I wish its long journey....

Dr Jaydeep Sarangi
09/03/2012 01:07 AM

Comment Happy Birthday boloji !! Wish you an endless journey. Travelling with you has been more than a rewarding experience.

All the best dear FRIEND.

09/02/2012 23:58 PM

Comment Dear Editor: I am delighted that is entering its fifteenth year. This site has been a great help in keeping the foundations of Indian culture intact. Swami Vivekananda's dream come true! WIshing the magazine an endless progression Prema Nandakumar

Prema Nandakumar
09/02/2012 22:53 PM

Comment  Dear Rajenderji,

Congratulations. It has been rightly said that the beginning of all great things are small. I must congratulate Meera Madam for her companionship in this arduous march.

You have published several articles of mine. I am thinking of writing a column for Boloji. Any way, I wish Boloji a very special happy Birth Day.

Looking forward to reading innovative articles via Boloji.


Anil K. Mohapatra
Utkal University, India

Dr. anil K. Mohapatra
09/02/2012 22:34 PM

Comment Dear Rajenderji: Heartiest Congratulation! It is amazing to see how fast Boloji has grown in the short span of 14 Years. The entire credit goes to you. The way you encourage new talents and empower freedom of expression is exemplary. Very often I visit Boloji archive. It is sheer delight to read variety of topics. I am a small cartoonist and whatever I am today I owe it to Boloji. Your timely guidance and suggestions have always helped me to see things new perspectives. Thank You. Wish you all the best. With regards, Mahendra Bhawsar

Mahendra Bhawsar
09/02/2012 22:31 PM

Comment  Dear Rajender,

Many happy returns of the day to Boloji. Your labor of love shows what an individual can do through the power of internet. May your site goes from strength to strength.

Warm regards.

Anil K Rajvanshi
09/02/2012 21:43 PM

Comment  Dear Rajenderji:

Many happy returns for Boloji and its outstanding team of writers, poets and creative bloggers. Thank you for accepting me as part of this wonderful community and wish you many many years of continued success in being a lighthouse for many of us.

Best wishes and warm regards.
Aneeta Chakrabarty

aneeta chakrabarty
09/02/2012 17:37 PM

Comment  Respected Rajinderji & your family -and the extended family that you hace created amongst us all , that we are able to conttribute our own expressions into writing here , thank you for giving us this opputurtunity and the loving nurthure.

A standing appluase , Sir.

With reagrds, Sandeep Sen

Sandeep Sen
09/02/2012 15:11 PM

Comment  Dear Rajendra,

It's been a delight to post my articles on Boloji. I would like to thank you for the opportunity of writing on your website as one of its many contributing authors or bloggers from Germany. I'd like to thank you for the tips and for the patience shown. I had no idea that you started Boloji as a personal family blog that grew to what it is now, an influential, international website catering to the needs of readers and writers throughout the world.



Satis Shroff

Satis Shroff
09/02/2012 15:06 PM

Comment Dear Rajender, It was a pleasure and privilege to be a part of your third child's life and I wish it and all your children immortality. Reminiscent of this "Amarjyot" and a tribute to your Bhagirath effort in sustaining and nursing your last child from and through sickness and near death, I am pasting from Wikipedia a summary of O.Henry's great short story "The Last Leaf" as an effort to parallel yours but without the tragic end for the sacrificer. With fond regards, Gaurang Bhatt The Last Leaf is a short story by O. Henry. Set in Greenwich Village, it depicts characters and themes typical of O. Henry's works. Contents 1 Plot 2 Adaptations 3 References 4 External links Plot Johnsy has fallen ill and is dying of pneumonia. She watches the leaves fall from a vine outside the window of her room, and decides that when the last leaf drops, she too will die. While Sue tries to tell her to stop thinking like that, Johnsy is determined to die when the last leaf falls. An old, frustrated artist named Behrman lives below Johnsy and Sue. He has been claiming that he will paint a masterpiece, even though he has never even attempted to start. Sue goes to him, and tells him that her sister is dying of pneumonia, and that Johnsy claims that when the last leaf falls off of a vine outside her window, she will die. Behrman scoffs at this as foolishness, but—as he is protective of the two young artists—he decides to see Johnsy and the vine. In the night, a very bad storm comes and wind is howling and rain is splattering against the window. Sue closes the curtains and tells Johnsy to go to sleep, even though there were still four leaves left on the vine. Johnsy protests but Sue insists on doing so because doesn't want Johnsy to see the last leaf fall. In the morning, Johnsy wants to see the vine, to be sure that all the leaves are gone, but to their surprise, there is still one leaf left. While Johnsy is surprised that it is still there, she insists it will fall that day. But it doesn't, nor does it fall through the night nor the next day. Johnsy believes that the leaf stayed there to show how wicked she was, and that she sinned in wanting to die. She regains her will to live, and makes a full recovery throughout the day. In the afternoon, a doctor talks to Sue. The doctor says that Mr. Behrman has come down with pneumonia and, as there is nothing to be done for him, he is being taken to the hospital to be made comfortable in his final hours. A janitor had found him helpless with pain, and his shoes and clothing were wet and icy cold. The janitor couldn't figure out where he had been on that stormy night, though she had found a lantern that was still lit, a ladder that had been moved, some scattered brushes, and a palette with green and yellow colors mixed on it. "Look out the window, dear, at the last ivy leaf on the wall. Didn't you wonder why it never fluttered or moved when the wind blew? Ah, darling, it's Behrman's masterpiece - he painted it there the night that the last leaf fell."" Adaptations

Gaurang Bhatt
09/02/2012 14:39 PM

Comment  Congratulations to you Rajender, Aparna and the Boloji Team on your 14 th Anniversary.. I wish you many many more years of success and thank you for making the Boloji Forum where poets and writers can share their work. It has been a privilege for me to post my poetry on your website... Good luck

Sandra Martyres
09/02/2012 14:12 PM

Comment CONGRATS.................LIVE LONG BOLOJI......... its a wonderful platform for budding authors - Rajender-ji is very amiable but at the same time doesn't compromise on the quality.......

Uddipan Mukherjee
09/02/2012 13:29 PM


Happy anniversary and kudos for your great efforts so far. Prior to the advent of blogs, websites like boloji provided the much needed oxygen for writers like me to grow. We are grateful for that. May the website grow further and become an institution in itself. Regards.

09/02/2012 12:42 PM

Comment From solitary musings to a literary carvan, Boloji has blossomed into a Knowledge Tree under your able guidance, Rajju Bhaiya. Congratulations and thanks for inspiring us. 

A Rishi
09/02/2012 12:11 PM

Comment  Greetings Mr. Krishnan!

Congratulations on your child Boloji's) birthday!  Many, many happy returns of the day.   May your child grow more in stature and give wholesome food for thought of the three generations.  Me and my family have always been enjoying going through your site.  In fact I am happy that I have also been a part of your child's growth as an author having posted a great many articles on the science of Vastu on your website. Your innovative creative posts have nurtured many a young mind intellectually.   May the best of health, harmony and happiness be always with you and your family.

Bangalore Niranjan Babu

Bangalore Niranjan Babu
09/02/2012 12:10 PM

Comment Congratulations to Boloji!

Can't believe it has been six years since my tribute to Geeta Dutt appeared at:

I wish Boloji continued growth and success.

09/02/2012 11:51 AM

Comment Heartiest congratulations to you (and me) on  Boloji completing 14 years. Your junoon has helped  hundreds of writers  find a excellent  forum for expressing their thoughts.  As far as Bolokids is concerned,    in many places I have become identified with the website. Kids sometimes call me the  ‘Bolokids’ uncle. The Government of Meghalaya is organising  a national level youth fest in which Chetan Bhagat, Suhel Seth  and many hotshot celebrities  are participating. I have  been asked to conduct  the 'Bolokids Workshop' which had received an ‘incredible’ response the last  time  I had conducted it in    Shillong, in May. It has been an enriching and fulfilling experience working with you and I am confident  Boloji  will grow from strength to strength. I have made many friends thanks to Bolokids and Boloji : Dr. Amitabh Mitra, Aparna Chatterjee, Ananya Guha,  et al.  Please convey my congrats and regards to Meeraji.

Ramendra Kumar
09/02/2012 11:33 AM

Comment 02 September 2012 TO: Mr. Rajinder Krishen,, I’m so happy to know that on 1st September 2012 stepped into its 14th year and also to have a better glimpse of what a large family it has grown into in the meantime by the support of a number of eminent persons, while it is hardly a year I have discovered this superb site and started contributing to it. While I’ll soon step into the octogenarian club and running a failing health, is certainly one of the not many noblest efforts I have come across in my long walk of life. I only wish, it gains perpetuity, all time remaining in the hands of competent persons with vision like you. While is already an aesthetic treasure house, with my small ability I have tried to enrich it with my translations of Rabindranath Tagore, however insignificantly. I do believe, will grow mightier with the passage of time and transmit its illumination to the posterity through the garbage of history. Yours sincerely, Rajat Das Gupta

Rajat Das Gupta
09/02/2012 11:04 AM

Comment Respected Rajendra ji
Hats off to you for this dedicated platform that in a way also has given us an opportunity to know, learn and express aur selves...
Conratulations for the wave lenth that gives us an insidht to see you work of dedication
Devi Nangrani

Devi Nangrani
09/02/2012 10:24 AM

Comment Dear Rajender,
Hearty Congratulations on this milestone!  Thanks for letting folks like me find a voice on Boloji!

Subra Narayan
09/02/2012 10:03 AM

Comment Congratulating boloji on its birthday is like congratulating myself on my own birthday. I got my first opportunity to express myself on net through boloji in 2007. That self-expression was my birth as an aspiring writer. I am honoured to be a part of this growing family.

09/02/2012 09:47 AM

Comment  I have been associated with boloji since the last decade.  I was inspired to write poetry, (an amateur talent I did not know I had), when I was to drawn to a competetion posted at the site, which to my surprise, I won!  I have seen Mr. Rajender Krishan toiling each week to publsh a new set of articles, editing and making it fit into the format (tireless work indeed).  He won my admiration and adulation because he never failed to do a remarkable job week after week.  This hobby of his must have been overwhelming him and his family but they did not relent.

It is great to see his success in creating a wonderful site for erudite writers to express their opinions.  It must be gratifying to see his nascent site from 1999 grow, bear fruit and turn into a handsome teenager today, resourceful and ingenious.  From the reader's feedback I know my own articles have been helpful to others as reference points, including to some of the universities.  This has given me immense satisfaction.

Thank you Rajender and family.  Keep up the high standard and your good work.

Neria Harish HebbarMD

Neria Harish Hebbar MD
09/02/2012 09:30 AM

Comment Dear Rajendra Krishanji Boloji is the reflection of what a sensitive intellectual can contribute to the society. Congratulations sir and thank you for allowing us some space in Boloji's world. In our busy journeys of life Boloji provides a meaningful sojourn...Many happy returns to Boloji!

09/02/2012 09:10 AM

Comment Congratulations RK Sir and for 14th anniversary. I am really honored to be associated with boloji that actually triggered my interest in writing. Today, my writing competence is all thanks to boloji. All the best ! 

G Venkatesh
09/02/2012 07:56 AM

Comment Dear Rajender Ji, I am glad to know that Boloji has entered in 14th years today since it's birth on 1st September, 1999 and I heartily congratulate you and other associates who have made significant efforts and contribution during all these years. It is indeed an excellent platform for people with creative abilities with a complete freedom of expression in it's present interactive mode. I wish it to continuously grow and prosper in the years to come. I also take this opportunity to wish you, your family and entire Boloji fraternity health, happiness and prosperous time ahead. Regards, Jaipal Singh

jaipal singh
09/02/2012 06:14 AM

Comment Congrats Krishan Sir and Boloji Team.Fell great to be associated with it through reading and writing. It has become n everyday habit to read inspirational articles and poetry in Boloji on a daily basis. Boloji provides lots of positive vibration.

Ramesh Anand
09/02/2012 05:21 AM

Comment Respected Sir, Hearty Congratulations. I am grateful for the patronage extended.Excellent note on the beginnings of boloji.May Boloji continue to mesmerise as tantalisingly as a teenager! Wishing a pleasant long journey ahead. Thanks to you,Meera ji, Aparna ji and all the concerned for creating a fabulous family!

Sony Dalia
09/02/2012 05:14 AM

Comment  Congratulations Sir for the great effort you have put in to raise Boloji to its present heights of sharing knowledge with each other. I wish and hope that the caravan continues with each passing day, and knowledge is attained from all over the spectrum of humanity.
== Dr. Frank S.K. Barar, Jodhpur.

Dr. Frank S.K. Barar
09/02/2012 04:49 AM

Comment Congratulations to dear Rajender Krishan! Wish you achieve many more laurels in flying colours in developing this wonderful into a grand World Magazine competing with best magazines of the world! Wish you a very happy time in magazine activities on and on....! T A Ramesh

09/02/2012 04:06 AM

Comment I went a step further. I printed the Boloji poems just the way it is published on A2 Sheets and then painted over it. Boloji Poetry went as a traveling exhibition all over South Africa. Boloji is instrumental in giving budding poets and writers a chance to expose their creativity One this special eve, I shall open my special bottle of Gwalior Champagne celebrating the 14the year of Boloji on an evening like this an african sun stranger than me coerces me to think of shadows longer than a life between us i think of only you at gwalior, the boloji love poems i sent u regularly u had them framed the ravines revelling in time separation in rusty corridors and ruthless summers too i love you i had said in boloji i still love you and the infiniteness of unbearing like a tiny drop of a day falling regularly still Amitabh

09/02/2012 03:37 AM

Comment Many Happy Returns I am happy to be part of such an illustrious family

09/02/2012 03:05 AM

Comment  This is to convey my greetings and gratitude.

Ganganand Jha
09/02/2012 03:01 AM

Comment Rajinder Kishen ji, is one of the best internet sites I have come acrooss. I being from a computer professional turned information professional, and a poetry buff, you can take my word when I state as above. Personally, it has given me an opportunity to convey my thoughts in poetry form succintly. I am all too gratefull to and therefore thank you for running an excellent site like it, which has become so popular especially with the Indian diaspora. All praises to Aparna  for editing the poetry section successfully. Let 14 years see silver jubilee in time. May God give you the wherewithall to run the site successfully for a long long time. Thank you once again and congratulations.

Sharbaaniranjan Kundu
09/02/2012 02:50 AM

Comment  Congratulations, and thanks for allowing us to be a part of such a venture!!

Charu Uppal
09/02/2012 02:46 AM

Comment  My relation to Boloji is only 2 months old. But these two months have given me a new concept of journalism. The great care and concern of an Editor for the writers are rare. To stand by a writer as a friend , philosopher and guide is a great feat. All these make Boloji a Parivar. Nowadays joint family concepts are disappearing and nuclear family is coming in its place.Boloji Family is enlarging itself day by day. It is a matter of pride to be with such  a news portal. The images chosen for each and every article without breaking the copyright rules  add to the creative and layout aspects of a news portal. Thanks and wish boloji the happy 14th birthday from the core of my heart as a freelancer as the portal is in the truest sense  provides a platform for sharing freedom in thought

Dr.Ratan Bhattacharjee
09/02/2012 02:34 AM

Comment At the outset I thank the almighty for imbibing in me the skill to express. Here I wish to quote Rajaji's commentary on Bhajagovindam - "When intelligence matures and lodges securely in the mind, it becomes wisdom. When wisdom is integrated with life, and issues out in action, it becomes Bhakti" And in a poetic sense this Bhakti when given a form in verse gets transformed to "Poetry" All verse that remains within or with the poet is a futile exercise. And for the past fourteen years the hardship taken by Sri.Rajender Krishan ji is really a blessing to the community of poets. Especially for us now "Boloji" has become a way of life. as the lips urge for a sip of tea in the morning the hands reach out to the URL "" and the eyes start searching for something new that is published....and life continues...till the end of the day... I pray for the growth and development of this portal on its 14th Anniversary and Thank RK ji for all his efforts he and his team has taken to keep it "Lively" - everyday....every moment.... Prof.Siva Prasad Peddi

09/02/2012 02:33 AM

Comment Dear Rajendra ji, Congratulations! No doubt has been a website most beloved by all of us. I especially have found it extremely organised and and very creative, informative and covers so many subjects. I have always used it as a reference point to look for authors, subjects and the like. I wish you a long innings and much success. You have been our voice to the world. I am so grateful to you and Julia

Julia Dutta
09/02/2012 01:45 AM

Comment My congratulations on your 14th Anniversary and the splendid journey you have covered. What I appreciated most from my assosciation so far has been the 'Freedom of Expression' and which was a prerequisite which I requested when you invited me to contribute. All good ventures flourish with 'JUNOON' All good wishes for your continued success.

09/02/2012 00:53 AM

Comment Boloji thrived and will continue to grow because of its purity of purpose. Is it sheer coincidence that its birth was sparked by "Jay Jagdish Hare" ? May it continue to acquire more strength and influence worldwide! 

My Word
09/01/2012 23:50 PM

Comment  Dear ALL!
My association with Boloji goes back quite a few years -- certainly more than a decade!
I miss dearly the 'friend' that through our Jyotish connection, one day suggested that I should write to Raju bhai! Always listening to 'Light and illumination', I succumbed to the INGIT!
He was right and I was meant to write and we all simply connected and the MAGIC just happened and ALL because of the DEDICATION of RAJU_bhai as I have always fondly addressed him as!
I had no clue that this was the birthday of our beloved BABY! I am a jyotishi but I often forget birthdays and anniversary dates for members of my family and extended cyber-family! (MEA CULPA).
Bravo Raj and Meera!
{P.S.}: Now some oldie goldies, not specifically written for this moment but appropriately befitting...?
Tu ruuk gayaa agar dost -- to hum sub bhi jaisay tham jaayengay!
Yoon to saanson kai sailaab may yahaan miltaay hain kai seepie...
Pyaar say 'jab' jaagtie hain kuchch yaadain, bisrie aur kuch bhoolie see ...
To Woh sharmaa kay aur hanskay phir dikhlaatay hain yaadon may sambhaalay huay kuch moti!
Naam itnaay ki kai aab yaad bhi nahin...
Woh nigaahain aur unkie muskaan, magar, nahin bhoolangay hum shaayad marnay kay bhi baad!
When they arrived; even before their faces were "seen"...
Their unmistakable presence was 'felt!'
As they grew -- bigger and increasingly' independent'
We sighed a sigh of relief
Chasing that illusory freedom that was meant to be 'just' that –  always just around the corner...!
But from that initial 'joy-filled response', ours more than theirs...
... arose an everlasting *bond* of responsibilities impossible to shake off --
Alive even through their infantile and juvenile attempts to escape and declare themselves FREE!
Only parents can survive the frustrations, anger and despondency; helplessly shedding a lonely tear...
...while still remaining connected to that first 'encounter'; That *moment* of creation ...!
Personally encountered, embraced and welcomed into our lives, FOREVER, no matter what!
Originally Submitted to BOLOJI
14-AUG-2010 03:10 UT.

09/01/2012 23:40 PM

Comment  From Mr Rajendra Krishan to Rajendra Bhayi-that has been my association with Boloji, since April 2006. Boloji deserves not just accolades but all the love from the readers and contributors. 
The way Boloji has been making strides, I am sure it will spread far and widw and the number of hits on the website would go on ever increasing.
Best wishes

09/01/2012 23:36 PM

Comment  Congratulations Rajender ji !! 

09/01/2012 23:20 PM

Comment  Oh! Great!

I am happy and really honored to be part of the major family! Thank you Rajender Kishen Ji for giving me the opportunity! Many more happy returns of the day!

Devavratan Kaundinya
09/01/2012 22:56 PM

Comment It is surprising that before crossing its 'TEENS', Boloji had promoted so many writers and viewers. Personally I am grateful to Rajenderji for his continued patronage for my views and writings on several topics and also many times adding a personal touch to the writer in enthusing him or he to write more. 

I am sure in the coming years Rajenderji's boloji will be the most sought after medium of many aspiring and established writers to express themselves without fear or favor on a variety of topics. 

Many more Happy Returns of the Day to the third and the youngest kid of Rajenderji!

G Swaminathan

09/01/2012 22:47 PM

Comment  Dear Rajender Ji,

                                A very informative and interesting note on the BIrth and attaining of adolescence by BoloJi.

Although very Indian in name, Bolo Ji is one of the best English e-magazines, for which you and your wife deserve

all praise.

                                 Congrats. and best wishes,

Mahesh Chandra Dewedy 

mahesh chandra dewedy
09/01/2012 22:17 PM

Dear  Rajender  Krishan Ji
                            Namaskar , really  your work is hstorical one. I have started to write just  six  months ago.But within this short period has given me a lot. One of my viewers said me tha I am in right company.You have filled in me such a confidence  regarding writing in English that I want to  remain indebted  to you for good.Your ,nay , our Boloji has  brought revolutionry change in my life and attitude. I wish you and your family good health and long life thank you.

Your s Younger Brother

Madhav Sarkunde

3 / 2 /12 

09/01/2012 22:09 PM

Comment Congratulations! Happy to be a part of this ever-growing family. May boloji celebrate many more anniversaries as it continues on its forward journey. And thank you Rajenderji.

09/01/2012 21:56 PM

Comment  Awesome! Congratulations! Wishing you continuing growth and many more happy returns of the Day! I'm proud to belong to this prestigious family!

Pavalamani Pragasam
09/01/2012 21:35 PM

Comment Congratulations! I am one of the beneficiaries of this nice site. All the best.

09/01/2012 21:35 PM

Comment Dear Rajender Krishan ji,

You are a very creative and forward looking intellectual person. All of us have benefitted by your creativity and we all, the Boloji clan, are thankful for that.

I am personally ever so grateful for your leting me be a part of Boloji -- your child --that we are enjoying see grow. Congratulations and a very happy Birthday and with many Happy Returns.

Kamal Joshi 

Kamal Joshi
09/01/2012 21:08 PM

Comment Congratulations for a great journey from a personal blog to a major contributor to all issues including international relations and security

Rahul Bhonsle
09/01/2012 20:33 PM

Comment  Boloji! Wish a many happy return of the day!

09/01/2012 19:34 PM

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