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Prof. Dr. Shailendra Naithani

Dr Shailendra Kumar Naithani an Ayurvedic doctor from Lucknow [india] completed his Graduation (BAMS) from Gurukul Kangri Haridwar [Kanpur university] and Post graduation MD [Physiology] from State Ayurvedic College Lucknow[ Lucknow university] and also worked as guest lecturer at same Ayurvedic college, and as lecturer Rajeev Lochan Ayurvedic college, and at SGM Ayurvedic college Ghazipur. Now working as associate professor at Mahrishi Dayanad AyurvedicCcollege Sivan.

Hailing from a typical Brahmin family of Uttarakhand, he has been doing active research in the field of healing for the past 20 years – primarily related to raising energy from the lower centre of the body to the higher centre [kundalini awakening ]by tantric method of Laya Yoga and developed paranormal power of healing by mantra, a sort of distant healing by divine sound vibrations . He is one among the few Ayurvedic physicians around the world who practice pulse reading and Panchakarma treatment with help of astrological remedies by healing gems, a complete holistic approach in eradicating ailments by roots.  He also knows Reiki and Pranic healing About clinic : Amrit clinic Panch-karma, Yoga and Cancer centre was established in the year 1998, at Raja ji Puram area of District Lucknow of state Uttarpradesh [INDIA] . From the beginning we are giving Ayurvedic treatment services, as well as astrological aspects of ailments and astrological remedies for ailment. We focus on patients with chronic intractable ailments where routine medicine is only palliative. we are dealing all chronic and lingering ailments which become resistant to modern medicines , like hepatic ailments such as cirrhosis’s liver, Hepatitis -B, Hepatitis-c, drug induced Hepatitis, Fatty infiltration of Liver; other chronic ailments of Gastro-intestinal system like IBS, Peptic ulcers, riflux –oesophagitis; chronic skin disease like psoriasis, Vitiligo, dermatitis; osteo arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, gout; metabolic disorders like obesity, diabetes. Apart from this rejuvenation therapy consisting of Ayurvedic Rasayans, and Aphrodisiac herbal treatment is also available Incorporating the philosophy and the gist of Ayurveda with the root idea of Tantra and Yoga, the final result is not just cure, but a sea change – a path to enlightenment and bliss. The results have been amazing – an enlightened mind in a sound body.
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