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K K Srivastava, born in 1960 in Gorakhpur, U.P. did his M.A in Economics in 1980 from Gorakhpur University. He joined Indian Audit & Accounts Service in 1983. He is posted as Principal Accountant General (Audit), Madhya Pradesh India. He has two volumes of books of poems to his credit. Ineluctable Stillness (2005) and An Armless Hand Writes (2008)

His books have been reviewed in newspapers like Hindustan Times, Pioneer, Tribune on Sunday etc. Bernard M. Jackson, a prominent poet from U.K and adviser to Norfolk poets, in his review of Ineluctable Stillness, described Srivastava’s poems as “work of a perfectionist in his natural element’ and compared Srivastava’s poems with those of T.S. Eliot. Dr Stephen Gill, Canada based poet has called Srivastava a “thinker” and praised symbolic nature of his poems. Pioneer compared An Armless Hand Writes with Eliot’s The Waste Land. Dr Kurt F Savtek, a poet and several times Noble Prize nominee for literature from Austria while reviewing the book for Poetcrit (ISSN 0970 2830) Vol XXII January 2009 No 1 writes about An Armless Hand Writes, “The book contains a whole host of life impressions offered with deep wisdom and truth and with the look on essential things-touching and thought provoking.

All on a high linguistic level….” Teresinka Pereira, President of IWA based in Ohio, USA described Srivastava poetry “very excellent.” Jayanta Mahapatra, celebrated Indian poet described poems in An Armless Hand Writes as ‘deep and moving.” Sunday Tribune, despite noticing both “erudition” and “credence” in Srivastava’s poems described An Armless Hand Writes as “cold philosophy”. In a review of his book Ineluctable Stillness in Hindustan Times, it was mentioned that, “He is not a genteel poet, he is a disturbing poet, intent on unraveling the human mind of it’s false preconceptions, of it’s delusive hypocrisy masked as genuine emotions.” Likewise, Bernard Jackson says of An Armless Hand Writes in ezine, eTIPS issued from London, “ Srivastava like a virtual Sophoclesian Tiresius of the more modern, decadent world to which he clings (and yet does not entirely belong) comments incisively on the self-centered facades masking the shell of an empty and purposeful society.”

Greece poet Zacharoula Gaitanaki described Srivastava’s poems as “wonderful and so near the human being and the daily life.” His poems have been translated into Greek. Patricia Prime from New Zealand writes of An Armless Hand Writes in the journal, Re-Markings, “Most of the 51 poems express the angst of contemporary man within the context of interaction between conscious and unconscious aspects of humanity….The visionary quality in these poems can seem astonishing in it’s range, it’s depth and it’s complexity… In this collection we see much of the modesty, but perhaps also something of the steel, reflected in this poet’s verse.” His poems are included in Norfolk Poets And Writer’s Winter In The Wild North, and  anthology of poems edited by London based poet Wendy Webb.

1) Srivastava, was conferred the membership of IWA (International Writers and Artists Association) Ohio, U.S.A (recognized by UNESCO) in March 2009 for what IWA cited as, “his distinguished literary, intellectual, artistic and humanistic contributions”.

 2) His two books were discussed in an International symposium at Albania from 8th April 2010 to 11th April 2010 under focus Indian Literature by World Poets Society and IWA “PAGASSI” Albania.  Patrick Sammut, President of Maltese Poetry Society who made a presentation on Srivastava’s two books noted his poems “for stylistic diversity and as coming from Srivastava’s critical thoughts. His poetry has surpassed other Indian poets; he operates sensibly and figuratively with his style prosaic but ravish.  His poetry is lyrical, philosophical and figurative. He is a potent poet in the contemporary poetry and there is more to be said in the outlined road.”

3) Austrian Literary Circle in August 2010 bestowed upon him DECREE Of MERIT for his contribution to literature.

His third poetry collection Shadows of the Real has been published by Rupa & Co New Delhi in August 2012.

His email is:  kksrivastava_ran@yahoo.com

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