Santanu Halder


Santanu Halder is a bilingual poet,teacher,editor,translator,interviewer,critic,citizen journalist,writer. He has already authored five books (1) "American Literature" for WBSU Students, (2) Old English Literature in a Nutshell and (3)Magic English (4) Translation of Selected English Poems into Bengali (5) BONSAIED RHAPSODIES –his maiden poetry book in English .He is the life member of Guild of Indian English Writers Editors and Critics and the founder editor of Ichhamoti Review and Student’s English World monthly international Print Magazine. He is the founder of a popular poetry group- English Poetry All Over the World. ). He is one of the founder members and the Join Secretary  of  SPELL(Society for Poetry,Education,Literature and Language)in Kolkata.His poems appeared in EPISTEME,WRITERS EDITORS CRITICS ,CONTEMPORARY VIBES and Brain Wrixon Books(Canada),UK POETRY LIBRARY(England),,,  and many esteemed ISSN journals and e-zines in India and all over the globe.He attended seminars and poetry festivals and read his  poems in the different parts of our country.His maiden poetry book Bonsaied Rhapsodies has been reviewed extensively.At present he is preparing his second poetry collection .In his comment on Bonsaied Rhapsodies , Dr. Sunil Sharma(a  famous poet,critic and writer) said, “"Santanu Halder’s poems sparkle like dew drops! If you are lucky enough to encounter them in a smog!They entice, enrapture and make you admire the little diamonds glittering on the grass on an early winter dawn in a polluted city, in a corner plot, still undeveloped; or, in a garden still un-trodden by careless human feet intent for their morning jog.”Dr.Jaydeep Sarangi(a noted bilingual poet and academic) in his review wrote “There is an easy flow that embraces Santanu’s poems. When we read them they invite us  to read again and again: “the expression of the imagination” .His poetic voice delves into the question of identity, Indian, Bengali and as a poet only to transcend limits and borders  and become, above all, human.


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